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What’s Up With Apple? A Look at What Goes on BEHIND the Screens!

It may surprise you, but Apple does so much more than just put out cool tech. Yes, the first thing you think of when you hear “Apple” might be “iPhone”, but that’s not where their story stops. Between interactive in-store experiences, seamless mash-ups with other brands, and continually pushing the boundaries […]

Finding My Flow with the iPad Pro (Featured Image)

REVIEW: Finding My Flow with the iPad Pro

They say ignorance is bliss. We don’t know what we don’t know, and before I got my hands on an iPad Pro, I was blissfully unaware just how much this sweet piece of hardware would change how I live my life. The iPad Pro’s not my first rodeo with the […]

What the Heck's a COOSHA-! — The Calendar App That'll Change the Way You Schedule! (Featured Image)

What the Heck’s a COOSHA?! — The Calendar App That’ll Change the Way You Schedule!

I know a thing or two about managing multiple schedules. Even before we factor my family in, I’m always on the go. Between my calendar for the 9-5 filled with meetings galore; my Google Calendar with its events, its dinner and those odd social interactions; and the CoSchedule content […]

The Candy Crush Saga — Level 391

The Art of Candy Crushing — How I Finished 395 Levels in Candy Crush Saga

“I never placed a game on my phone ever, and then I played Candy Crush.” — becsophia There’s a whole list of things that make Candy Crush Saga as addictive as it is: You get 5 lives to progress, and lose a life every time you fail a level. […]

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