Irwin Elman | Let’s Not Take Mental Health for Granted! | Children’s Mental Health Week 2019 Day 2

Children's Mental Health Week 2019 β€” Day 2 β€” Let's Not Take Mental Health for Granted! β€” Irwin Elman and SonTrying to take on an issue as big as children’s mental health is can be daunting. It’s a problem uniquely affecting everyone who deals with it, which means there’s no one singular way toΒ solve it.

But better people than I haveΒ tried, and many of them still haven’tΒ given up.

Today’s guest is one of those peopleβ€”Irwin Elman, the former Ontario Child Advocate, who staunchly believes we can develop a society that treats children’s mental health as aΒ priority instead of as anΒ afterthought.

And what this conversation went to show me is how much I’ve yet toΒ learn about children’s mental health. From his expertise and experiences, Mr. Elman got me to reframe how I thought about the issue at hand and redouble my efforts to provide the best environment forΒ my children’s mental health!

Courtesy of Children’s Mental Health Ontario, it’s another Children’s Mental Health Week special! I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening, and until the next episode, I hope you keep working to make a future we can be proud of! And don’t forget to join the #kidscantwait movement if you want to show your support β€”!

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–case p.