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Junia-T's "Eye See You" — Saving Toronto's Hip-Hop Scene from Itself!

Junia-T’s “Eye See You” — Saving Toronto’s Hip-Hop Scene from ITSELF.

“A brova too smoove Old soul living in this new school…” — Junia-T, “Too Smoove”, Eye See You (2014) Except for a notable few like Kardinal Offishal, Maestro Fresh Wes, and of course, Drake, Toronto’s hip-hop scene has been trouble for a while. Despite its share of local hits getting heavy […]

The We. & We Free. Promotional Poster

COMIN’ RIGHT UP: The We & We Free featuring Junia-T!

In a time before blogging was my extracurricular activity of choice, I used to draw like a fiend. On break at work. Zipping around on buses between home, school and work. I’d fall asleep with pens and markers in hand as I tried to draw just a little more (my Mom […]

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