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If You're Hustlin' 'til You Drop, SOMETHING'S Gotta STOP. (Featured Image)

If You’re Hustlin’ ’til You Drop, SOMETHING’S Gotta STOP.

“Every day I’m hustlin’ (x4)” — Rick Ross, “Hustlin’”, Port of Miami (2006) The other night I was typing up a storm in #blkcreatives—by far my favourite Twitter chat right now—when something caught my eye. That month’s theme was money and money management, which invariably got us talking about how […]

31 Things I Know Now That I'm 31- #5 — I'm My Own Worst Enemy

31 Things I Know Now That I’m 31: #5 — I’m My Own Worst Enemy

If I could figure out what I’m trying to say with the hundreds of draft posts I have, I’d sleep far better at night. I’d schedule them in, get about six months ahead with content, and use the newly found spare time to handle other outstanding work in my life! […]

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