The 2016 100 Wrap-Up, Part 1: The 26 Things I MANAGED To Do.

So in some parallel universe, I somehow imagined I’d be able to do this all in one post, since my writing generally lends itself to really brief work.


When I woke up and smacked some sense into myself, I scaled my voluminous tome down into pieces people could actually consume, and today I bring you the first instalment!

The 2016 100—The Things I Did

Tales from the 2.9—Casey Palmer (Featured Image)

I know longtime readers are wondering whether I’ll put out another list of 100 resolutions for 2017, but 2016 and I have unfinished business.

You might remember The 2016 100—it made a brief appearance at the beginning of the year and then never showed up again. But that year was busy, man—we added a new son to the family. Five days later, I started putting out Tales from the 2.9 and surprisingly filled 29 days of content straight with minimal notice. Two radio interviews. A TV panel appearance. One national news feature. A piece in The Globe and Mail for Father’s Day. I had to part ways with a few clients and gladly took on some new ones. I manned up and handled my business at home, which meant saying “no” to a half dozen trips away from home. 2016 did not hold back—and that’s probably why I didn’t pay The 2016 100 as much mind as I thought I would’ve when I wrote it.

I’ve been saying it for years the more I do this—maybe I’ve been writing these lists for the wrong reasons. As I scribbled away at The 2017 100, I realised that no matter how much I tried to be my own taskmaster, that just isn’t my style.

But let me address what I’ve learned when The 2017 100 gets its proper release. For now, let’s focus on The 2016 100 and what became of it all!

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