Inspirational Sundays: Enter Obama

Last updated on April 6th, 2021 at 10:35 am

So being a Canadian, usually, I don’t get too involved in things like the American presidential election race. But, as many can attest to, the ’08 Obama-McCain race struck a chord with people from all over the world. Was it a Black thing? Maybe. Was it a stand against the remnants of George W. Bush and the 8 years of insanity that he’d heralded? Well, yeah, sure. That was definitely a component. But I don’t think there was any election that I’d paid attention to prior to this one that made me feel like there was the possibility of hope for a nation.

I got a stack of newspapers and magazines from the morning after—then remembered that they’re just things and probably won’t ever be worth anything, considering the massive rate at which we produce things these days. But it’ll be all about the memory of how it all went down.

However, let it be said that some of us will have far more poignant memories of the presidential race than others—Leola Brock-Reese will always be one of those individuals, having received word of Obama’s victory from the man himself:

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