Less is More.

Last updated on April 5th, 2021 at 08:35 pm

After watching a TED Talk from Graham Hill espousing that <=>—that is, less is more, it really hit home. Not simply because it was something I was already trying to do as much as possible with my stuff. Not simply because he’s a pretty compelling speaker. The thing that really hit home for me is that he showed it could be done. It’s very much possible to achieve happiness, if not become happier if we have less stuff in our lives.

He rolled up so much of what’s been in my mind into one chat:

  • carefully considering the things we want to buy before we actually buy them;
  • making better life choices that don’t entrap us or lessen our quality of life, but instead, liberate us to live the lives we actually want to live; and
  • being able to unlock the secret to happiness and identify when our behaviours actually lead us in the opposite direction (and this happens way too often)

We overcomplicate our lives by convincing ourselves that everything isn’t simply part of one greater whole.

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