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Open Letter — Mr. Casey E. Palmer, Esq.

An Open Letter to the Brand Who Didn’t Think I Was Good Enough

Let’s be real — when you start worrying over your reputation more than whether you actually like what you’re doing, you’ve got a problem. Overcommitting myself — as I often do — I was hustling away, preparing validation test cases and user grant templates for the 9-5, where I’m […]

60 Days In Paradise — 60 Reasons Why Casey Palmer Should Be Your Island Connoisseur Logo

THE GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA STORY: What I Learned from Applying to be an Island Connoisseur

What up world? I know — it’s been a while and the world hasn’t stopped turning in my absence, but to put it simply, this boy’s been busy. One major item that flooded my headspace was the 60 Days in Paradise contest, which sought to award one Canadian $50,000 […]

I'm Not Dead, I'm Just a Dad — Learning Curves — Casey and DoomzToo, Hand and Finger

I’M NOT DEAD, I’M JUST A DAD: Fatherhood 101 — Learning Curves

One month down, 939 or so to go (well, a little less for me, of course). Fatherhood isn’t for every man, but it’s not as frightening as we think it is. I wish I spoke newborn. With Week Five of the Life and Times of DoomzToo wrapped up, […]

Ain't Mo-body messin' with my clique....

A November to Remember, Verse 4: Of Motive and Movember

What’s the difference between a good person and the ones to be wary of? Or a good and an evil action? What helps us to draw the line between right and wrong in anything we do? Reasoning. Intent. Motive. Motive. Motive makes all the difference. It defines the things […]

One Does Not Simply CLIMB Kilimanjaro!!!: The Tanzania Chronicles #7

It had all started so optimistically. We settled our bill at Imani, which included a free ride to the Zanzibar airport (which was amazing after all the taxi-related debacles). After getting through customs (where the customs officer gave me quite the strange look when she saw my tripod […]

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