The 2K11 24/7 CCLIV: Don’t Argue With Fools

“A wise man told me don’t argue with fools
Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”
–Jay-Z, “Takeover”

Reading this blog, you might be led to believe that I’m an idealist. I write of a world that I can only dream of where we all get along and know how to behave. Where the problems of the world are solved collaboratively because we all realize that we have a united stake in bettering our world.

But you’d be wrong — I’m a realist. I’m completely aware that some people are NOT worth our time. You CAN’T win every battle. You WILL have crappy days. The world as it stands right now has its wonders and great moments, but largely, it’s REALLY messed up! Sometimes, it’s just not even worth it.

Like the time I almost got in a fight earlier this year.

The 2K11 24/7 CCLII: When the Student Becomes the Master

Recently I found myself speaking on an Intern Alumni Panel for work, where four of us spoke to new, fresh-faced interns about our experiences and advice. I strongly believe that we should always strive to pass knowledge on to others. It’s impossible for one person to know everything, but if we combine our knowledge and put it on paper for others to use, I think we all become better at the things we do in life. Hence, Wikipedia. Or YouTube. Or blogs. There’s so much to know in the world, and only recently have we started to try and capture it all.

Try as some may, we do not advance as a collective by withholding information from one another. If our ancestors hadn’t shared the secret of fire, would we be nearly as technologically advanced as we are today?

We can learn from just about anyone. Parents teach us the basics of how to operate in the world. Teachers fill out heads with the knowledge needed to get jobs in the working world. Coworkers teach us how to do the job. Friends teach us how to be social. Lessons can happen at any time, in  any place. But learning is a two-way street — so remember that while you’re learning from the world around you, at the SAME TIME, others might be learning from you.

The 2K11 24/7 CCLI: It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission

Except when it comes to Sarah (and that’s primarily because I know that it would cause FAR more trouble), I rather ask forgiveness for my actions than permission. Not that you’re being impolite about things or doing something that you know you’re going to regret — it’s just that much of the time, you can make things far easier for yourself and still get the same result.

Asking permission to do something can be nerve-wracking. It’s not entirely our faults that sometimes we’d prefer to shrink away than enter into a potential conflict. As kids, we have to ask our parents for everything we want to have or do. We must ask teachers in order to go to the washroom. We are not seen as self-reliant when we’re young, and that makes a lot of sense.
But if this is the case, why do we still let people treat us like children as we get older? If taking an action doesn’t a) commit a crime, b) hurt anyone, or c) put you in a bad light otherwise… why do you need to ask for everything? Granted, you may not know what the outcome of your actions might be in advance, but I think that with a combination of good judgment and a heap of common sense, these are situations that are easily navigable.

The 2K11 24/7 CCXLIX: FOMO

If you were to ask Sarah, she could confirm for you that despite the boundless mass that is my ego, there ARE things that I absolutely SUCK at.

And one of those things is SLEEPING.

I’ll admit it — I’m a bit of a workaholic. I’m up at all hours of night scribbling things down. Tweaking this. Thinking about that. Reading things I always meant to read. Working on reducing a pile that always seems to stay the same size. Yeah, I’m always doing something — definitely a bit of a workaholic in me.

But , as can be done with many of the problems and issues we face day in and day out, this can be traced to a human folly that I share with many others — a fear of missing out.

The 2K11 24/7 CCXLIII: Don’t Forget Where You Came From!!!

Life changes ever so quickly, and it’s tough to keep track of everything going on. Today I started a new opportunity with a boss who I’ve grown accustomed to over time and who’s expressed an interest in the body of work I’ve developed over the last few years. I had to give up the assuredness I had in the past from two years of knowing my trade and some of the BEST coworkers I’ve EVER worked with — but I’m looking to the future, figuring out the next steps and planning what I need to do to keep moving forward.


The 2K11 24/7 CCXLII: How to Network Sans Jerk

Last night I found myself visiting #devTO — an event described as follows:

You love it, hate it, debug it, dream about it, obsess over it, test it, throw it away… because you don’t just write code.

#devTO, a place for all developers, regardless of age, experience or sex to gather and collaborate on the problems we face as developers. These problems are as broad as our job descriptions, can’t figure out how to get that interface to look good in Chrome and Safari? Not sure how to deploy code to multiple servers with no downtime? What is the best way integrate social media into your projects? I’m sure at some point you’ve all run into something like one of the problems above, so why not share it and benefit from the experience of others.



Though I’m not really a developer, I was going to check it out due to my sheer interest in the world of development. But before I knew it, a text message from my buddy Kevin soon found me taking photographs for the event (which in turn prompted my urges to get my new camera once more, but we’ll save that for another post). Of course, I can’t really prove I was there through the photos (think about it), but you can catch a glimpse of what went down here:
But one thing I definitely saw a lot of going on before and after the speakers took the floor at the event was networking. A number of developers, and people seeking the assistance of developers, getting out there and talking about what they do, what they’d LIKE to do, and making the connections necessary to enable those ideas.

The 2K11 24/7 CCXLI: How to Make the World a Better Place

The world could be a better place, but we just don’t care. Or don’t care ENOUGH. We act like the homeless don’t exist. We put doing for selves as priority one without a second thought. Helping isn’t something that’s VALUED by the society around us.
Who are we in the world? What is our purpose here on Earth? We constantly search for the meaning of our lives — many of us dying before we figure it out.
But why is this? Why can’t we seem to fill that meaningless void? Why don’t we help even when we see people in dire need?


We all have to do some things in life that we just don’t want to do. By extension of that, many of us wind up with jobs we don’t want, significant others we don’t live and kids that drive us up the wall. We get so down in the dumps about our life situations that we often forget one of the fundamental truths of our existence — one that might be able to pull us out of the abyss:


The 2K11 24/7 CCXXXVIII: Crashaversary — The Fourth F

The farther I travel down the rabbit hole of social networking, the more I discover about myself and the things that matter to me. Last night's Crashaversary was key in helping to illuminate this point for me.
Starting with Twitter is much like how you’d first use any new technology or toy — you excitedly play around with it, trying to figure out all the things you can do with it. but you soon realize that simply using Twitter as social media does you no favours. You can send a million tweets out into the depths of the Internet as you please, but it doesn’t mean that anyone’s actually going to LISTEN to you. It doesn’t mean that anyone’s going to RESPOND.
Despite having a Twitter account for three years now, it wouldn’t be until October 19, 2010 where I’d figure out what you need to do to take all that aimless tweeting and endless tinkering to the next level — hitting up the tweetups.

The 2K11 24/7 CCXXXVII: Tempus Fugit (Time Flees)

Time doesn't like you very much. Time doesn't even need a good reason to hate you — it could be the way you look. Maybe you broke their toy back in the day. But whatever the reason, TIME. DOES. NOT. LIKE YOU.
Time is never ever EVER on our side. Ever since our cave-dwelling ancestors walked the Earth, we've still been trying to find ways to get our hunting, travelling and exploring done before nightfall. Even when fire was brought into the equation, we knew that the source of the flame would only last so long before the darkness took control once more.
“So,” you say, “We get it. Time is the enemy.” I'm happy for you. But tell me — how do you defeat an enemy  you can't touch? Can't see? Can't STOP?
While time will always control you and your life, what you CAN do is make the arrangement a little less PAINFUL.