January 1st.

The time where many rest and recuperate from the holiday season, but for me, it’s the time of the year where I’m putting inΒ work. Between my ambitious year-end wrap-ups (2700 words and counting…); the lists I prepare for the year ahead, and the work I put together for my Tales from the 2.9 Black History Month series, it’s not where you see me at my most relaxed,Β even with Christmas out of the way. Add a trip to Dad 2.018 and a couple of parenting keynotes in a month’s time, and I think there’ll beΒ plenty to keep me occupied in the “slow season”.

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer β€” HAPPY NEW YEAR β€” Why 2018 Will Be My Most CHALLENGING Year YET. β€” Typeset Lettering
Amador Loureiro

In some ways, I did it to myself. Whenever I explain how busy my life is to others, they’re often quick to point out it’s a problem of my creation, putting so much of myself and my time into a blog whose reins I’ve held ever firmly for the past seven years.

But that doesn’t mean I ever intended to do itΒ alone. Even from day one, I sought collaborators out among my family and friends, thinking that things would be simpler if we pooled our resources instead ofΒ everyone trying to be top dog and stepping on each other’s toes as our brands grew. I kept trying to make partnerships happen forΒ years, but it never came together.

Some of it was me and the ever-increasing demands in my life keeping me from developing yetΒ another project. Or those who didn’t share my vision or stood convinced they were better off alone when the market was rife withΒ opportunities.Β Whatever the reasons, the fact is that I have a mountain of work before meΒ today, and as far as I can see right now, I’m the only one who can get it allΒ done.

But I’m far fromΒ hopeless. Far from believing I’m the best suited to manage everything on my plate right now, but right now I’m all I’veΒ got. I’ve got blogs to write, contracts to sign, reports to compile and a brand to developβ€”what was once just a hobby is now enough to keep aΒ team busy… and you know, maybe itΒ should.