JAY Z 4:44 | Grown People Music

Though I’ve listened to plenty of rap since buying my first boombox in ’97, I’ve rarely heard anything representing me. Sure, it’s largely Black music, but from a different narrative than my life altogether. Middle-class. Raised in a two-parent home. Private school education, married with kids—nothing you’d want to hear about in the club. And though I found some kinship… Continue reading JAY Z 4:44 | Grown People Music

Out of the Mouths of Babes.

“Fuckshit.” I didn’t know it then, but before my eldest started junior kindergarten this September, life was simple. Taking an extra eight months away from the office after her mat leave to be with the boys (and because two kids in Toronto daycare is really expensive), Sarah took the boys on various adventures as they… Continue reading Out of the Mouths of Babes.

SERENITY NOW: Suffering in Silence.

So you may have noticed the blog a little lacking of late. Life hasn’t been so forgiving lately, and yes—it’s been a struggle. Whether it’s the transition to being a schoolkid’s Dad and the rigorous schedule that comes with it or the 12-hour days the 9-5 had for me in budget season, I’ve been continually… Continue reading SERENITY NOW: Suffering in Silence.

“Why Didn’t ANYONE Warn Me About ADULTHOOD???”

“If you went back and told your 18-year old self, can you imagine?” — an old friend’s thoughts when discussing my current #BloggerLife It’s no secret to anyone who’s made it through high school—adulting ain’t easy. We’ve got bosses who don’t give two craps about us; consumer debt ’cause no one walked us through personal… Continue reading “Why Didn’t ANYONE Warn Me About ADULTHOOD???”

Hustle Game Strong

“You feel the pressure? Man, I know the pressure.” — Drake, “Views”, Views (2016) If 2015 was the year with the world as my oyster, indulging in travel and extravagance to keep the brand growing, 2016’s the one that brought me back to Earth, life with two kids completely changing the way I do my… Continue reading Hustle Game Strong

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