Get Busy.

Humans aren’t meant to multitask, but we live in a world demanding it of us. Way back when? We were focused. Farmers toiled in the fields from sunrise to sunset. Blacksmiths worked in their forges, singularly focused on shaping metal into armour, weapons and whatever was needed. This is not the world of today. At any… Continue reading Get Busy.

Little by Little, Day by Day

The end of another week is upon us, and the world continues to revolve upon its axis. Fridays are generally a day with a slow start, since playing late games of Ultimate Frisbee on Thursday nights will tend to keep your adrenaline levels up for a few hours, so if you don’t nap before the… Continue reading Little by Little, Day by Day

Project: Unclutter.

In an effort to get rid of all the negative energy and whatev in my life, I’ve restarted an old initiative that I’ve long forgotten the name of. Project: Unclutter will see many of my possessions: Get recycled after I either read/draw/take the photo reference out of them Get donated to Goodwill (old gifts from… Continue reading Project: Unclutter.

Today’s List

get at least one file of work out of the way so I don’t need to see it on Monday upload some new pics to the Flickr account help Mike out with some stats work (maybe) go drinking with the interns for a little bit—Cole refuses to let me skip it, since I had plans… Continue reading Today’s List

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