The Year That Was… 2019.

“Reality tells you what you can’t do.” — Rick Rubin on HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, Season 2, Episode 4 It’s the end of a decade, and I can’t help but reflect on where I am now versus where I was back in December 2009. This entire decade, pretty much, has been the balancing act between… Continue reading The Year That Was… 2019.

Go Out with a BANG.

The hardest part of creating great content is figuring out where all the pieces go. The job of a great storyteller is creating a compelling narrative from beginning to end. No fluff to lose your audience’s attention. No ambiguity so they miss the point. A great storyteller uses every tool at their disposal to tell… Continue reading Go Out with a BANG.

In the Belly of the Beast

I told myself that once I made my way through my never-ending pile of paper, I’d get myself a Nintendo Switch with the latest Mario and Zelda games to reward myself for all the hard work. Which is great, because getting months ahead in my content by getting all of this done is the only… Continue reading In the Belly of the Beast

Hustlin’ ’til You Drop? SOMETHING’S Gotta STOP.

“Every day I’m hustlin’” — Rick Ross, “Hustlin’”, Port of Miami (2006) The other night I was typing up a storm in #blkcreatives—by far my favourite Twitter chat right now—when something caught my eye. That month’s theme was money and money management, which invariably got us talking about how we make money. Black folk are… Continue reading Hustlin’ ’til You Drop? SOMETHING’S Gotta STOP.

An Elegy for Mediocrity

Last Updated: January 16, 2021 Y’all ain’t interested in writing anything great. The name of the game is mediocrity. Mediocre blogs that don’t share anything worth reading; people who skip birthdays for mediocre events; mediocre personalities, expectations and lives. No one’s striving for anything amazing anymore. And it boggles my mind—everything’s literally within reach, but… Continue reading An Elegy for Mediocrity

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