Canada’s Dance with Diversity

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“Why’s your skin so dark?” — an eight-year-old boy from small town Ontario at the Canadian National Comic Book Exposition, 2003. When a little White boy asked me why my skin was so dark at my comic-con table, I wasn’t ready for it at all. As a Mississauga kid, I knew diversity. I knew a… Continue reading Canada’s Dance with Diversity

Examining Blackness.

Source: Photo by Chiamaka Nwolisa on Unsplash

When I started this project, it had a straightforward premise—to let Black Canadians share their stories, seldom seen in our history books. And that worked at first—interviewing my fellow creators and weaving our stories together into something everyone could understand—but what I didn’t realise was how much I’d learn from them, the breadth of our… Continue reading Examining Blackness.

Do We NEED a Black History Month?

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Angry White Person: “Why isn’t there a White History Month???” Me: “Because that’s ‘history class’.” If you ask those who believe we live in a post-racial world, things look a little like this: Racism is over. Everyone’s equal. We know the evils that men do and teach our children not to become them. We’re in a respect-first… Continue reading Do We NEED a Black History Month?

Live from the 3.5, 2020—INTRO: Back to Black.

“When we talk about black maybe We talk about situations Of people of color and because you are that color You endure obstacles and opposition And not all the time from… from other nationalities Sometimes it come from your own kind Or maybe even your own mind You get get laughed at… you get… Continue reading Live from the 3.5, 2020—INTRO: Back to Black.

Sherley Joseph | “Where You From?”

Why ‘Black Canadian’ isn’t JUST ONE THING. It took a long time for me to understand that all Black Canadians don’t act like Jamaicans do. Yes, we might make up a good chunk of Black Canadians (25.8% of them), and Jamaicans are who I mostly grew up around, but we’re far from all that Black… Continue reading Sherley Joseph | “Where You From?”

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