The #BloggerLife, Thirteen Years Later

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“This is a funny subject, just because none of you even know me. Not yet, anyway. The name’s Casey Palmer, and I’m at one of those pivotal points in my life right now. It’s the last summer before first year of university. Amidst all the limited bursts of fun and trying to save up to cover tuition, my mind has been filled with more thoughts than I’m used to.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who may stumble across this journal, I’m sure it’ll prove to be more interesting in the future, filled with intergalactic thoughts and timespanning opinions, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see, no?”

— Casey Palmer’s first online journal entry, dated August 13, 2002, tagged with “intro” and done while listening to Amerie’s “Need You Tonight”

Several years deep in this journey as a blogger, I’m finally appreciating what things look like through the eyes of bloggers who started this scene almost a decade ago. At times, it feels like I’m rehashing ideas I’ve already put out, trying to keep original despite the wealth of content I’ve already produced. I remember back when I just started with the blog, trying to show I was bigger and badder than anyone else, looking to convince the world why my blog was worth their notice. After years of hustling, 2015 Casey’s got a whole different set of problems, constantly looking for better solutions to handle them.


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I took some time this morning to teach myself how to use the Google Charts API. It’s a handy tool for making graphs on the fly by simply putting the data you need in a URL—but I can see how it might become a little more difficult to use when you have a LOT of data points to put in. Expect to see more tinkering in future updates.

So 2010 may very well be the year of explicit contracts and service level agreements with clients. I mean, I’m a nice guy and all, but some things really blow my mind at times. Let’s take, for example, the calendar I worked on near the end of 2009 and was trying to get a follow-up done in the last couple of weeks by getting desktop stand-style calendars printed with the same images (by the way, if you’re ever trying to do this, make sure it’s in the October-November period of the year—it gets far more difficult to find a printer after this).

Let’s look at some numbers on the original calendar:

Time spent on making 13 drawings for the calendar = 10 hours
Money spent on printing the calendar = $24.85
Money spent for next day shipping = $15.00

Money paid to Casey for this calendar = $20.00

The look on Casey’s face upon seeing this = PRICELESS.

So yes, even though people may be friends or you may have or had a good working relationship with them, you still need to get things down on paper and a firm understanding put together before you start doing the work. Otherwise, things like this happen. It’s not something that I’ll let sour the relationship nor will I be bitter about it, but I’ll definitely approach things differently next time.

Today was still a good day, though. I sat with one of my more “big business”-minded friends, and she was able to have a good talk with me on the ideas of things like incorporation, focusing my efforts on doing one thing well and how to invoke actual growth in money. It was good to bounce ideas off of someone who’s really into making effective change in a limited scope of time.

Doing some research on avenues already available to me, and I’ve (re-)discovered a couple:

I’m resurrecting an art book that I published called Blazin’ Apes: Sketches to Sketches, Brush to Brush (Edwin, I still need to sign yours!)—it’s a collection of work that I’ve done over the years, collected into one tome—feel free to support if you’re interested 😊 You can get more information on it by clicking below:

Also, LiveJournal gives Paid/Permanent users to generate revenue through ads in their journals. I might try it out—LJ friends, if it drives you insane, please feel free to let me know. But, you’ll need to give me a better alternative for continued revenue. Deal?

Today’s increases came from $0.10 donated by Sakshi this morning, which was awesome—every little bit helps 😊—$2.00 from cashing in a December lottery ticket and $20.00 from that calendar job. Money is money, right? This means that…

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

For anyone who’s done the math, $20,000 over the span of the year means that I’ll need to earn an average of $384.62 per week to make it. It’s a good start, but I’m going to need to turn up the heat to hit the goal. But Day 7 out of 365? It’s way too early to say die 😊 Let’s do this.

Thanks for reading,

–case p.

All it takes is a little re-assessment of life to realize some things…

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I realized this today as I took a lot of parts of my life into close inspection. Now, after shunning certain aspects of my life, I find that I really have no reason to even come on the Internet much, save chatting with people here and there. I’ve shunned posting art at sites that don’t even give responses to my work even when I go all out to reply on theirs, Neopets (it got boring for me 😕), etc. All I really do is check my email and work on LiveJournal. Life has become so… simplistic. I’m waiting for things to happen… but I guess I’ve finally realized I need to make things happen. Bugger.

Today some dude saw me drawing on the bus, and he was impressed with my combination of anime and graffiti styles. He introduced himself as part of a rap group that’s been looking for promotional artwork done, and my style would probably be perfect for their thing. He took down my number, and we’ll see if he calls!

Anyway, in new news, it’s taken seven or eight years, but I think I’ve finally come up with a premise for an online comic that I can enjoy making 😊 And how did I do this? Easy. Combine all of the separate ideas I had into one greater scheme. More details will be coming soon on this new endeavour. Maybe I can make something out of it.

That’s pretty much all that’s up for now. Hopefully, I’ll get something poppin’ sooner rather than later. Until then, I have stacks of newspapers to catch up on. *sigh* I create work for myself. But hopefully making myself better knowledged will also do something for me. Will it? WILL IT?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Peace.

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