Long Live the Hustle

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the work that we never actually hustle to reach the goals that we set out in the first place.

What’s Your Dream?

It all starts with a dream. A notion. An idea.


After work, I caught a quick bite to eat with Sean Ward, an old buddy of mine, and he told me the big secret to getting where you want to be in life. To paraphrase:

Keep throwing things out there into the world, and eventually one will stick.

When he’s working on his projects, he’ll share shots and videos of the works in progress so people can get a good idea of what he’s been up to and where he’s going next. It’s not so much a humblebrag or anything of that nature, but rather it gives him the fuel he needs to keep producing and moving forward.

The Dangers of Thinking Too Much

Which connects right back to the original point β€” we might have unique ideas. We might have entire lists of things that we want to do but never get around to doing them. Why?

At dinner, I called it an “idea backlog”. I’ve said countless times now, but life is the sum of our experiences. And the more experiences we have, the broader our understanding of the world around us grows.

Here’s a look at mine:

So what do you think will happen to an idea that you’ve just left sitting around in your head without having done anything to make it more real? That’s right β€” it will only grow in scope and scale until it seems unattainable and leaving you too overwhelmed to start!

And no one wants to be stuck with a great idea but no hope to ever make anything of it, do they?

And So, We Hustle

In the end, you need to be less worried about where you should start and about people stealing your ideas, and more about never starting in the first place.

Don’t know where to start? Start somewhere. Doing something is countless times better than doing nothing.

Afraid someone’s going to steal your idea? Take what they did and do it even better. These days, we rarely remember the one who did it firstβ€”it’s whoever did it best.

Stop giving yourself an easy out. Stop giving yourself excuses to rely on and just do stuff.

Get your hustle on. What’s the worst that could happen?

cep wrap-up logo

What’s in a Logo?

A logo should represent who you are and what you’re all about. It should be instantly recognizable, and where possible, easy to reproduce.

I’ve been tinkering around with one for myself for a long time, but I’ve yet to find one that screams “Casey!”

With all the trouble and toiling I’ve gone through so far, this is the best I could come up with:

The 2011 logo for Casey Palmer
A logo in need of updating and refreshing...

If you don’t see it all, it’s my initials β€” CEP β€” in a tree shape. Sarah best pointed it out to me, though β€”

“It doesn’t mean anything!”

Completely true. Other than looking logo-esque, it has little to do with me. My life has nothing to do with trees, and all it is then is a symbol. Of nothing.

So it’s back to the drawing board, trying to find something that screams “Casey Palmer”.

I’ll let you know when I figure out what it is.

–case p.