A little verse.

Aiight, I came up with this earlier this morning while listening to Andre 3000’s “The Love Below” disc. Let me know what you think.

Verse One

First off…
Let me apologize for all members of the male gender
The things we do similar to mind-benders
The rationale’s missing and we can’t explain
Contradictory to our beliefs love’s more than a game
I didn’t know then what I’ve learned over time
The things I’d do if by chance a girl was mine
But it won’t happen soon, the bad boy’s in fashion
Girls don’t want a soulmate, it seems they just want action
So I finish last, ’cause I’m a nice guy
Ladies will miss me in the future, I’ll let you know why
I vow to never beat, cheat, I’ll try not to lie
I’ll worship your body like a temple, fall in love with your eyes
Massage you, wine and dine you, tuck you in
Stand up for you and call just to see what’s happenin’
I’d go beyond your expectations as an everyday phenomenon
The list of things I’d do for you—it just goes on and on
But this is a love poem to a girl I ain’t met yet
Why I’m not with anyone’s a problem I don’t get yet
But one day I know that love will locate my existence
In the form of a girl, it won’t face any resistance.

–case p.

Alright, I’m way too tired to make a half-decent post…

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You’ll get that when I wake up in the morning. Instead, I present you with a rhyme I’ll be working on for when I drop my EP. (If you’ve been talking to me, you know one is kinda planned.) I’d love to know what my LJ friends, comprised of mainly non-rhymers, think of it. Merci beaucoup and goodnight.

Alright, so I came up with this after seeing a woman read a copy of the Enquirer faithfully. It probably needs a helluva lot of work, but eventually, I’m hoping to polish it and include it on an EP. Ah well, give it a look and let me know what you think. I scribbled it out on the bus this morning. I did some editing as I typed it up.


You could’ve got your hands on quality literature
But seem more interested with celebrity furniture
Y’all get high on the Star, I interrogate the Enquirer
If you read the Weekly Sun, man, I ain’t gonna admire ya
You trust Soap Opera Weekly as your TV Guide
You know it better than the Bible—the tube’s your joy and pride
You’re fickle, affected by tales on Affleck
Wonderin how many hickeys lie on Jennifer’s neck
I guess that’s more interesting than 1984 or Roots
You rather read text with the complexity of Puss in Boots
Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave to know
That his plays’ve been butchered by kids like DiCaprio
It seems that there’s a crisis when all the middle-aged females
Instead of furthering education school themselves on the e-mails
That incriminated so-and-so of whatever administration
Y’all trapped under the hell of the media’s ministrations


Y’all keep reading up on your trash magazines
You take the garbage for gospel in your trash magazines
Y’all use rhetoric from the rubbish in your trash magazines
Your brains are dead from the bullshit in your trash magazines
Y’all keep reading up on your trash magazines
You take the garbage for gospel in your trash magazines
Y’all use rhetoric from the rubbish in your trash magazines
Your brains are dead from the bullshit in your trash magazines


Don’t think the problem stops with the generation after
We still got the same shit, just in a different wrapper
You got Cosmo, YM, Maxim, let’s not forget Stuff
Talkin bout how to please your man, how to keep that body buff
They’re five percent informative and ninety-five manipulation
I tend to think Sunday Funnies give out better information
It’s all over, the media’s got your minds on lock
It’s in the things that we do, and in the people we mock
It’s in the things we strive for, and in the places we flock
They want us all to conform, and is it ever gon’ stop?
I don’t think so, it’s much harder to be an individual
Most of us would settle for that everyday ritual
Mask your face with the make-up, tangle the gel in your hair
Make sure your skirt’s above your knee, g’head and stuff ya underwear
Call your friends up, act like you don’t care what people do to you
And continue to let the magazines control what you do



What you gonna do? (What you gonna do)
When the Media Monster makes it way to claim you?
I said what you gonna do? (What what you gonna do?)
When the Media Monster sets its gaze upon you?


Let’s take it one — step — further
To a generation immersed with images of illicit doings like murder
The Net’s feeding them fragments of a fictional truth
They’re badly belittled by adults as belligerent youth
Like when the 6-year-old shot Karla at Buell Elementary
Why would he do it? The solution to that’s quite elementary
Our North America values violence, sex, and controversy
You can’t change the channel without seeing it, my mama cries “Mercy…
“Mercy Me, what that’s crap you’re watching on the TV?
I don’t want that propaganda in my home for my kids to see!”
Too bad it was the 6 o’clock news
Misrepresenting the world with distorted lenses and their cock-eyed views
Who to trust? It’s dangerous out there
Misinformation is abundant—it’s like the suits don’t care
You gotta play your part and keep your own mind clean
And step one is getting rid of the trash magazines.

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