Mark’s | In Search of a Superhero Dad

It took me nearly thirty years to realise how good a man my Dad is. He did everything he could to give us the life he couldn’t have, sparing none of his time, energy or resources to make it happen. And now that I’ve got my kids, I appreciate it all so much more, hoping… Continue reading Mark’s | In Search of a Superhero Dad

Mark’s | Father’s Day

You may have noticed that Father’s Day’s around the corner, and it leaves me with mixed feelings. Sure, as a Dad it’s great to have a day recognising our efforts, but it constantly feels like we put a lot less thinking into it than Mother’s Day. Maybe we’re too hard to shop for. We invariably… Continue reading Mark’s | Father’s Day

Mark’s Spring Shoe Collection!

Call me selfish, but I’ve never understood why parents felt they need to give up everything for the sake of their kids. Just about everything in your life changes, no doubt, but I think it’s important to retain at least some of who you were before. You don’t want to end up like the horror story I… Continue reading Mark’s Spring Shoe Collection!

Mark’s Christmas Gift Guide

Last Updated: January 23, 2021 I feel like people have Mark’s all wrong. For a long time, people thought Mark’s carried “Dad clothes” like it was a bad thing. But in 2016 as a Dad with kids of my own, I can tell you Mark’s has a lot more up their sleeves than you think! Winter’s a bit… Continue reading Mark’s Christmas Gift Guide

Mark’s | Happy Father’s Day

Growing up, my parents always stressed how important it was to have the right footwear for the occasion, so over the years I’ve learned to invest in kicks that help me be my best no matter what life’s throwing at me. I’d like to think I fare better at my shoe game than most dudes—among my collection of kicks… Continue reading Mark’s | Happy Father’s Day