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It's a Ford. #FordSummer. (Checking out the Ford Canada SUV Line in Muskoka!) (Featured Image)

A DAD ABROAD — It’s a Ford. #FordSummer. (Checking out Ford Canada’s SUVs in Muskoka!)

If I learned anything from a recent trip to the Muskokas, it’s that Ford is great at making SUVs! Sure, the Sport/Suburban Utility Vehicle might not be everyone’s first choice when shopping for a new ride, but if they’re not, they are missing out! SUVs are growing in popularity worldwide as drivers […]

Tales from the 2.9 — Shaun Worrell (Featured Image)

Tales from the 2.9 — The Black Canadians Sharing their Stories in a Digital Age — #20: Shaun Worrell, Blogger, Milk and Coco

Something I realized after my near-immediate induction into parent blogging just months after the birth of my first child was that the world of parent bloggers was a small one, and that of the Dad Bloggers specifically smaller yet. But though the number of Canadian fathers publicly sharing their stories online […]

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