The LONG weekend has a SHORT epilogue

Seriously, ain’t much go on today. Oh yeah, can you FEEL that command over the English language! Ha—anyway, the mp3 explains it all—church and take-home work reigned supreme today, but the day is far from over—until I rest, it’s going to be a sketchfest over here! Nearing the end of the month. What can we… Continue reading The LONG weekend has a SHORT epilogue

Enduring the LONG weekend

If a 14-year-old can do it, Doomz can do it too, right? I’ve gotta schedule an appointment with a Financial Rep. One that actually knows what they’re doing—tax season is around the corner—RSPs need consolidating, TFSAs need attending to and stocks need investing. Penny stocks? I think the 2010 20K could handle that. Money often… Continue reading Enduring the LONG weekend