Giving Back, Part 2!

Last updated on March 29th, 2021 at 10:35 am

Alright, so I looked at last night’s post. Wow, THAT was rushed. Let’s make up for that hot mess today. What I hope to do today is:

  • Tell you about some of the ways that I “give back” and who I give back to
  • Give you some ideas of what you can do to give back
  • Inspire you to find some ways of your own to perhaps socially invest to improve the world around you

First though, let’s preface all of this with what happened last night, shall we?

Giving Back!

Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 11:39 pm

Alright, I have a confession to make—I had this awesome post I was working on, and I left it sitting in my Gmail drafts. But the day was all sorts of crazy, so I still have lots to talk about. I’m currently sitting on the set for the NatandMarie show just chillin’ on the couches behind where all the magic happens 😊

Right, so. Giving back. Today was one of those giving back days. I think we should give back as much as we can—examples:

  • Money to the homeless? This will require its own entry later—but we really need to make a sustainable solution for this. I don’t spend change. Ever, really. I only spend plastic or paper—so what to do with all the change? I usually use it for trips or large purchases, but maybe it’s time to rethink it?
  • Donating blood. I know you guys get paid down in the States for this, but in Canada we do it out of the goodness of our hearts. And since I have O- blood, Canadian Blood Services is always calling me to donate. So my current approach is to donate every 2 months (as per their instructions), but I don’t know if they’ll want my blood after I leave the country for a honeymoon…
  • The Quest for Less. Totally still working on getting less stuff. Maybe keep your eyes peeled for some giveaways? More on that soon. Anyway! So I’m part blogging, part tweeting, part scheming—and the night is still young! Tons more to come tomorrow; Kev thought up a good series for me to follow for a bit—it’s all going down, my friends!

Time for me to get back to watching the ladies do what they do best. Later y’all!

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A hint of things to come in 2K11

Last updated on April 6th, 2021 at 09:13 pm

“Chillin, sittin’ on about half a million…”

— The Notorious B.I.G.

Yeah. About a half a million things to do. But anyway!

Good day on the planning front—managed to get a florist for the wedding (blog coming soon with all the stuff we’re still looking for), learned some more about the things I want to improve upon in 2011, and doodled in my Moleskine. Which kinda sucks, because I wanted to plan blogs in it. Casey fail. But it’s all good.

So the Role of the New Man in 2011 is changing. Remember this, because it’ll come up again later this year. Doesn’t it ever bother you when you can’t pull something off? You know—coding? Cooking? Sewing?

Yeah, that’s right—I said sewing.

I signed up for a sewing class so I could improve my stock as a human being. Got sweaters with holes? Do something about it. Want a dope Halloween costume? Do something about it! Want to get more longevity out of the stuff you buy? Yeah—you saw it coming—DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The 2K11 24/7 has a pretty strong self-improvement component, in case you didn’t know!

(Just signed up for a French class too. I’m gon’ get my language skills back!)

Other than that, the day was either normal or bad. Especially when it comes to riding our beloved subway system, the TTC.

On the way to work, people were crazy violent trying to get on the subway. I would’ve got crushed against the fragrant bodies of my fellow commuters if I didn’t stand my ground and render myself immobile.

The way to the florist appointment was even worse.

  • Got to College station, waited three trains, couldn’t get on, so I hiked it to Yonge/Bloor station, leaving me 5 minutes to get to Dufferin station on time—about 15 minutes away
  • Got on the train, and at Ossington—the stop right BEFORE Dufferin—a dude screws up the doors behind him, because—wait for it—the train is so packed
  • Get to Dufferin, and guess what—the doors don’t open. Only at the specific exit I’m at. Aww yeah.
  • Get off at the next stop, Lansdowne, and make my way BACK to Dufferin
  • Meet Sarah 15 minutes late. Because this is apparently how I roll. Thanks, TTC.

Anyway, other stuff to do before I eventually (and by this I mean “shortly”) pass out—more cool stuff soon, promise.

But a plug—know what I’m up to Wednesday nights? Watching Nat and Marie on ustream. Why? Because they’re amusing, they’ll reply to your stuff if it’s funny—they’re probably the best Internet friends you’ll ever have. They’re live Wednesdays, but go hit up their ustream, because you’ve probably got some catching up to do!

But yes, I’m out. Have a good one, ladies and germs!

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