This Season’s the Type for Some Help from Boogie Wipes® Saline Nose Wipes!

It’s cold and flu season, y’all, and it’s our job as parents to prepare for the onslaught of microbes ahead!

Good thing we have brands like Nehemiah and their kid-friendly Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes, right?

Boogie Wipes® — The Science and Why You Need Them!

Let’s drop some quick science on you.


This Season's the Type for Some Help from Boogie Wipes! — Man on a Microscope

Lucas Vasques

There’s no shortage of little creepy crawlies out to get you in the world. On top of the fact that a sneeze can travel upward of a hundred miles an hour, check these stats:

  • A single sneeze can send up to 100,000 germs flying into the air
  • One in four kids pick their noses at least once a day, and one in five pick their noses at least five times daily
  • The average preschooler will suffer nine colds a year; the average kindergartener twelve; and kids and adults about seven a year from there on

So when you live in an urban area as densely packed as we are in Toronto (2.8 million people in 630 km²), you’ve gotta keep healthy—it’s so easy to get sick.

But if your parenting experience is anything like mine so far, you’ll probably agree that keeping things clean is one of the last priorities on most kids’ lists.

This Season's the Type for Some Help from Boogie Wipes! — Set of Boogie Wipes

Which is why there’s stuff like Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes—a mom-invented solution for unhappy noses, gently cleaning runny, stuffy and tender noses with a mix of natural saline, aloe, chamomile and vitamin E.