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Casey Palmer x Quaker Canada Present — -Goodness Starts Today- Part Two- So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks

Casey Palmer x Quaker Canada Present — “Goodness Starts Today” Part Two: So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks

Growing up, the most my family dealt with the outdoors was around our Mississauga neighbourhood with bike rides by the Credit River, or horsing around with our friends at the nearby park when we weren’t too busy with cartoons or video games. Some reasons for this were obvious — […]

The Ontario College of Teachers (Banner)

The Ontario College of Teachers — Making Sure You Leave Your Kids in Good Hands!

I’d argue that much of my success in life thus far is due to being a by-product of Ontario’s diverse schooling system. While I’d attend 6 different schools before spending some time in the world of post-secondary, the culture and curriculum surrounding an education where everyone’s vying for top spot laid […]

#BramptonTweetup — Pulled Pork and Beanasaurus

I AM NOT A FOODIE: #BramptonTweetup at Sul Irmaos Smokehouse

Above all else, #BramptonTweetup taught me never to say never, ’cause you never know when you’ll be eating those words. Maybe Brampton gets worse a reputation than it deserves. In addition to the fact that there’s all too many Torontonians who couldn’t point to Brampton on a map, […]

Viamede Resort & Dining — Boat Cruise — A Cloudy Day at Viamede

All You Need’s at Viamede

If you’re like me and from big, bad Toronto, you don’t do the outdoor thing too often. Before dating Sarah, I never imagined I’d be climbing mountains, camping with my in-laws or taking extended leaves from my electronics. I was originally invited to Viamede Resort as part of a zombie survival-themed […]

Left-to-right: Chris Vollick, Christine Pantazis, Justin Baisden and me!

Some Zest from the West — A Taste of Burlington

An hour away from big, bad Toronto is a little place called Burlington. The last time I remember coming out this way was in my early 20s to check the club scene (and girls) outside of Toronto at Big Buck’s Mountain Lodge. But nearly a decade and several nights […]

A plate of hand butchered fresh boneless chicken breast marinated in savoury buttermilk marinade for at least 12 hours at the Memphis Fire Barbecue Company in Winona, ON

There’s Only So Much Stomach! — TeamTrolling Does Memphis Fire Barbecue

FRIED CHICKEN Southern Fried Goodness! We all enjoy fried chicken, and at Memphis, it’s a labour of love. We hand butcher fresh boneless chicken breast and then marinate it in our savoury buttermilk marinade for at least 12 hours. This allows the flavours to deepen and produces moist […]

Casey and friends at Horseshoe Valley, 2006.

The Lords of Winter — A Buytopia Skiing/Snowboarding Deal at Skyloft

It’s -14°C outside, feeling like -21 with windchill. To everyone who’d complained that we weren’t getting a white Christmas, I hope you’re happy now. It’s been ages since I’ve gone skiing (February 21, 2006 to be precise). I remember the last time I was on the slopes — barely […]

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