The 2017 100 Wrap-Up: 31 Successes.

Several weeks, a few dozen photos and four thousand words later, we’ve finally made it—the Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad 2017 wrap-up, filled with stories aplenty of 365 days spent in my not-so-orthodox life. After wrapping the year up on a quiet note (because two sick children under five will do that to you), I still… Continue reading The 2017 100 Wrap-Up: 31 Successes.


Busking is ‘like public art’ So it would seem that busking in the TTC might not be the best idea if I want to reach this goal in a timely fashion. If we consider that: There’s a $150 annual permit for busking in the TTC One would need to commit to six-hour shifts three to… Continue reading Busking

From Pocket Change to Potential

I love pay day—seriously love it. New possibilities, new options—it’s like waking up and unwrapping a new present to do with as you wish. As of late, though, my pay days mean more that I get to see my credit card balance reduce at an accelerated rate more so than getting the shiniest new whatever’s… Continue reading From Pocket Change to Potential

The Bridge from Planning to Reality

One of the methods I commonly use for saving—and caveat, I’m saying that this works for me personally, not necessarily for everyone—is saving my change in a bucket. I don’t spend change if I can help it (and it helps that I’m not a coffee drinker); I take all that change goes in a bucket… Continue reading The Bridge from Planning to Reality


I took some time this morning to teach myself how to use the Google Charts API. It’s a handy tool for making graphs on the fly by simply putting the data you need in a URL—but I can see how it might become a little more difficult to use when you have a LOT of… Continue reading Expectations