Pampers Helps Plan the Perfect Baby Shower!

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Won’t lie—if I didn’t have Sarah making sure our wedding and baby registries were on point, our kids would be walking around naked, and our dining room flatware wouldn’t be nearly as nice. Stereotypes be damned—I’m not that good a planner, and you need to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s whether you’re throwing the shower… or you’re the one in the spotlight!

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower with Pampers!—Our First Baby Shower—Gifts
As you can see, we didn’t get much in the way of diapers at our first baby shower.

Figuring out the gifts you’ll need at a shower’s a lot like planning your career path when you’re still in high school—you only know so much, and you’ll wish you did things differently years down the road. Let’s take a look at Moms—when asked, 90% of Moms wished they’d included more diapers in their registry. 40% of Moms wished they’d asked for diapers of different sizes—babies grow, after all!

Just like with pretty much every parent in the history of the trade, these are but examples of things you learn as you go, and no matter how much your peers and parents tell you otherwise, there’re some things you’ll need to learn for yourself.

Pampers | Touches of Love

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November 17th is World Prematurity Day, honouring premature infants and the people who give them a fighting chance!

With one son induced three weeks early and the other four days late, we were lucky—parenting is stressful enough with a full-term baby! So I can’t imagine the struggles those dealing with premature childbirth go through—the days… weeks spent waiting to take that baby home. Advances in medical science help babies survive younger and smaller than ever before, so parents need a special kind of help to make it through this critical period in their baby’s development!

Which is why Pampers introduced their Preemie Size P-3 diapers, three times smaller than newborn diapers to meet the needs of premature babies!

Touches of Love—a Pampers Parable for World Prematurity Day—The Super-Small Pampers Preemie Swaddlers

Pampers Easy Ups

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Potty training is a pain in the butt.

Pun totally intended.

I’ll look back at this in the future and laugh, but I have a stubborn toddler refusing to do away with diapers. We’ve tried it all—using a sticker chart to reward every #2; promising every Paw Patrol toy under the sun if only he’d learn to use the toilet… even jealousy by putting his baby brother on the potty for some elimination communication, but nothing’s quite stuck.

But we can’t just give up—diapers aren’t a good look for kindergarten kids, so we’ve got just under a year to help him say the magic words:

“I’m ready for underwear!”

See, the transition from infancy to childhood need not be so difficult—parenting in 2016 offers so many options, and Pampers takes full advantage of this with their brand-new Pampers Easy Ups training pants—the better way to underwear!

Level Ups with Pampers Easy Ups—Getting Aware of the Better Way to Underwear!—Pampers Easy Ups Presentation Table

Sleep Like a CHAMP—How Pampers Endorses Healthy Sleeping Habits!

I already know that fatherhood’s difficult—life’s nothing short of a hustle when you’re juggling your marriage, your job and your #BloggerLife, but when you add young children to the mix with everlasting demands for food, affection and entertainment, everything you thought you knew gets immediately more complicated than you ever thought possible.

But really, I’m just your run-of-the-mill Dad doing everything I can to keep my family thriving, whether that’s the hours put in keeping everything straight with the 9-5; all the things I need to do to keep this roof standing over their heads; or the many times I put them before me, because that’s part of what being a Dad’s all about!

Now imagine trying to do all that while training for the Olympics.

Sleep Like a CHAMP—How Pampers Endorses Healthy Sleeping Habits!—Mark Oldershaw, Annamay Pierse and JosephineA couple of weeks ago, I lunched with Olympian couple Mark Oldershaw and Annamay Pierse, celebrating the Road to Rio which includes Mark rejoining Team Canada for the 2016 Olympics, going for gold in men’s canoeing!

And he pulled it off while raising with newborn daughter Josephine with Annamay.

The conversation covered plenty about work-life balance; the expectations for a child of Olympic parents; and as the fifth Olympian in his family (and the first to win a medal), what dinners are like for Mark’s non-Olympian relatives and whether they show up bitter every time!

We also got the chance to chat with Alanna McGinn of Good Night Sleep Site, helping inform both the weary new Olympic parents and the Pampers Baby Panel members present about the benefits of a solid night’s sleep, and more importantly, how to get it when the odds often favour otherwise. Coupled with the delicious food offered by King West’s Colette Grand Café, I could think of worse ways to wrap up the six months I’d spent on the Pampers Baby Panel!

Pampers Wants You to Sleep Like a CHAMP—Because You’re Not Going to Win if You Can’t Keep Up!

Sleep Like a CHAMP—How Pampers Endorses Healthy Sleeping Habits!—The Palmer Boys Sleeping in the CarWhether you’re a blogger, an Olympic rower, or any other kind of parent who’s raising some wee ones, we’ll all face similar issues when trying to teach them to sleep. And though it’s quite the ordeal, Pampers put together a PDF one-pager on the importance of healthy sleep—so new parents at your wits’ end, perhaps you should give it a go, so you can salvage what’s left of your already too-fragile psyches!

But babies don’t stay babies forever. With these kids already 2½ and 5 months old, it feels like Swaddlers are making way for Cruisers, and despite some reluctance, there’ll soon be someone in the house moving on to Easy Ups training pants.

Who knows—maybe you’ll be seeing me write more on this yet: I have a feeling it’ll still be a while before we find these boys making their way to the bathroom completely unassisted.

But hopefully you’ve enjoyed these Baby Panel posts—maybe you’ve learned something. Maybe I scared you off from parenthood. In any case, this is one parent who’s off to get some rest, because tomorrow’s another day, and trust me—we parents need all the rest we can get.

Until the next,

–case p.

Disclaimer: I’ve written this piece as my last post for the Pampers Baby Panel, a collective of content creators who work with the Pampers brand to share our experiences with the products they have for kids of various ages.

Because when it comes to diaper care, you can spare no expense in covering your butt.

Baby Box Company | What’s in a Box?

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Take it from someone who’s already made it to Kid #2—you don’t need a whole heckuva lot to start your baby on the right track; heck—other than a heap of diapers, wipes and some clothes to put them in, you could probably fit everything else you’d need in a single box.

What's in a Box?—How the Baby Box Company Starts Parenthood Off RIGHT.—Baby Box Head-On View

Borne from a Finnish tradition over 75 years in the making, the Baby Box Company’s done more than just give expectant mothers a box full of tools to help ease them into their new lifestyle—it’s given these new babies their first bed, a move that’s said to have helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates!

What's in a Box?—How the Baby Box Company Starts Parenthood Off RIGHT.—The Baby Box with its Contents

Looking to share this innovation with the rest of the world, this past May The Baby Box Company announced that it’d be launching a universal Baby Box program in Ontario, giving out the first of the 145,000 Baby Boxes it’ll distribute in the program’s first year starting August 2016! They’ll be available for free to all new and expecting Ontarian parents as long as they receive prenatal care and review the Ontario education syllabus created by local healthcare professionals on the Baby Box University. It also gives these new parents a great introduction to everything Pampers has to offer, who continue their ongoing relationship with The Baby Box Company by supplying the diapers and wipes found in every box!

In fact, as a member of the Pampers Baby Panel, I got my own Baby Box to review, so I should see for myself why it’s helped so many families who’re doing their best to figure things out in the early stages of parenthood.

What’s in a Box? Everything the Baby Box has to Offer!

What's in a Box?—How the Baby Box Company Starts Parenthood Off RIGHT.—Baby Box Contents

I’ve gotta say—even though we’re nearly through the baby’s first six months that the Baby Box’s designed for, I was thoroughly impressed by how much was packed inside! There was way too much for me to list it all here (okay; there werePampers’ Natural Clean Wipes; Pampers’ Newborn Swaddlers; onesies; an umbrella for the Baby Box; a sleeper; Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box; a Halo SleepSack; sling; towels; hand towels; bibs; formula; baby thermometer; Love Child organics baby food; booties; bibs; Baby Box Company gift card; and a Baby Box University membership—are you happy now?), but suffice it to say, I think that any new parent would be thrilled to get something that’d help them spend less time fretting and more time just enjoying the new addition to their lives!

What's in a Box?—How the Baby Box Company Starts Parenthood Off RIGHT.—Baby in a Baby Box

It takes a lot to raise a baby—believe me, I’ve experienced it first-hand, twice—which makes it great that companies like the Baby Box Company and Pampers are working together to help out! I mean, the 125 years of history between the two just might come in handy no matter whether you have 125 minutes, hours, or days under your belt!

So the next time you have someone in your life who has a new family member imminent, think of getting them something they need instead of something that’s nice to look at, and get your hands on a Baby Box!

What's in a Box?—How the Baby Box Company Starts Parenthood Off RIGHT.—Baby in a Baby Box Overhead

Those early days with your baby pass by faster than you think—may as well start them off with all the right tools!

Good luck out there, fellow parents, and stay strong—those little ones are counting on you!

Until the next,

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Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post as a member of the Pampers Baby Panel, a group of content creators committed to discussing Pampers, the brand legacy, and everything it can offer to new and expectant parents! Views, as always, are 100% my own, and I hope you enjoyed the read!

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