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Last updated on March 31st, 2021 at 01:20 am

"Blogging requires passion and authority. Which leaves out most people."

How long can we remain passionate about something? Is our passion a flame that can burn eternally, or is it something that goes the way of most things, fizzling out with the passage of time?

What good are we to the world if we keep operating beyond our limits, trying to eke out just a little more greatness?

What do you write about after so much content? The brain gets drained, the topics feel used up—what else could there be?

These are the questions that haunt me as I try to wrap up a year of posting, with pieces of blogs scattered from place to place across computers and stored in the cloud.

Once you fall off of the track and don’t do things with the pace and intensity that you’re used to, it’s hard to get back on. I’m almost a week behind in posts, and I don’t feel the same sense of urgency that I used to in catching up when I’ve lost time.

Have I lost my passion for blogging? Have I given up and chosen to take life in a different direction? Does this happen to everyone who devotes 365 days to doing something? Have our abilities for commitment waned so much that we just can’t devote our lives like we used to?

Sometimes it just feels forced.

Upon writing this, I’m more than a month behind in getting my blogs out. On one hand, I doubt too many people are surprised—it was a tough topic and I was definitely getting burnt out.

What Are You Passionate About???

Last updated on March 31st, 2021 at 02:09 am

I’ve often asked and have been asked this question, and more often than not without fail, no one really has a great answer. You usually get a

“Well I like to do…” or

“I’m pretty good at…” or even

“People tell me I’m good at…”

Perhaps it’s our apologetic Canadian culture, but no. This is not passion. It doesn’t even seem close to passion for me.

You can often tell passion when you see it. When someone is passionately speaking about something, they do so with unchecked, unbridled emotion. It’s not manufactured, it’s not an act to pull the wool over your eyes—it’s there, they care, and if no one else on Earth did, they’d still care.

Fresh Start?

Last updated on October 18th, 2020 at 02:53 am

I don’t really blog that much at all these days. Life got a hold of me, and I lost my way. I’ve been relying on others to make my days work for me, and just not really paying attention in general.

Is this the way to lead life? Is that what I’m striving for daily? To exist and not quite reach a level of contentedness, but instead aim to just make a living day-to-day?

I think that living that way would be a farce. Who are we without our values, our goals and our dreams?

Reading a Xanga blog I follow, the topic was raised of a blogger that blogs regularly on things that make her happy. I think it’s a great thing to focus on.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ventures I could segue into, and the problem keeps arising that for most ventures to be successful, they need to be something that one is passionate about.

I don’t feel that I have a passion for anything, but I’m likely wrong. I think I’ve become so hung up on self-doubt and putting up walls between myself and my accomplishments that I’m beginning to believe a fallacy.

So no more. I need to find what makes me happy.

I know for sure, one thing that makes me happy is helping people. In the office setting, I try to assist others with putting files together in Excel, Access or Word, because I know I know a fair bit and believe that I can be of assistance. I’m the type of person who’ll usually stop to help someone out on the street if they look lost. I help friends out when possible because I’d want someone to help make my life easier if it were at all possible. Helping people fuels me. When I worked in banking, I loved knowing that at the end of the day, I’d done everything possible to improve the lives of the clients who I saw regularly.

I want to keep helping people. I will find a way.

Thanks for listening, Internet 😊

–case p.

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