Pauleanna Reid, Motivational Speaker, Millennial Mentor, Celebrity/CEO Ghostwriter, Author, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother

Gotta sayβ€”I thought I’d struck Pauleanna’s nerve in my hunt forΒ Live contributors. She’d told me she was too busy when I pressed her with one of my emails, but one brief look at her rΓ©sumΓ© will tell you that’sΒ exactly what she was!

Pauleanna’s ode to her country shows a lot of growthβ€”many of us born here take this land for granted, not fully realising that life’s aΒ lot harder in manyΒ countries around the world. My journeys have taken me many placesβ€”Maasai huts in Tanzania. Cockroach-ridden buses in Compton. From mountaintops to back-alley shops, I’ve witnessedΒ huge swaths of the human condition, which is why I embrace home with open arms every time I come back!

It’s easy to forget how good you’ve got it when you stay inside your comfort zone for too long, and I think Pauleanna’s piece is a good reminder for us to take stock of these Canadian lives, seeing what we can do to better those who live their lives without.

Enjoy Pauleanna’s piece, and we’ll see you at the next #Chronicle150!

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#Chronicle150 β€” 150 Truly Canadian Stories for its 150th Birthday β€” #35, Pauleanna Reid β€” Pauleanna Profile PicWho are you and what are you all about?

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help young women and girls see beyond the limits of their circumstances and create a life they love. I’m also a motivational speaker and nationally published journalist of theΒ best-selling bookΒ Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, the founder of New Girl on the Block Inc., a mentorship program that’s way sicker than your average. In the end, I manage a lot, but every passion project is well worth it!

What makes you so Canadian?

As a Canadian citizen, I was very fortunate to have access to many tools that may not be awarded in other countries. One of the biggest things that really served aΒ purpose in my life was getting healthcare when it came to dealing with my mental health. I was grateful toΒ overcome my depression and anxiety and have Canada to thank for it! Growing up in a Caribbean householdΒ has helped me get closer to my parents’ roots, but being born in Canada gave me a lifeline to many opportunities to help empower and change people’s lives.