A Time for Planning

Casey Palmer, circa 2002, who confused "fresh to death" with "vest of death". Hoo boy.

We need to keep life as interesting as possible, lest we lose the will to live life at all. It sounds drastic, but it’s true. We get to January and all of a sudden, all the awesome that happened in December is long gone, leaving us with credit card bills, miserable weather, short days and… Continue reading A Time for Planning

Gearing Up: The Tanzania Chronicles #2

One thing I didn’t anticipate when planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro is that the gear would cost nearly as much as the trip itself! Usually, Sarah and I try to be a bit frugal with our decisions, checking whether we need to get top-of-the-line items in all circumstances. (Hint: When it comes to clothing and… Continue reading Gearing Up: The Tanzania Chronicles #2

An Excuse to Keep Fit: The Tanzania Chronicles #1

If you don’t know, now you know. Sarah and I have a major event coming up in our lives—a trip to Tanzania! But this isn’t just any old vacation—no, over three weeks, we’ll: Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro; Go on safari in the Serengeti; and Spend some time on the beaches of Zanzibar I claim no credit… Continue reading An Excuse to Keep Fit: The Tanzania Chronicles #1

Planning to Fail

Those who fail to plan plan to fail. How true it is. Planning isn’t something that comes naturally to me at all. I rather do things flying by the seat of my pants, forever improvising and adjusting my path to achieve success. It’s worked pretty well so far—I’m not incapable of thinking ahead, I just… Continue reading Planning to Fail

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