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The 2013 100 51-60 — 4 Faces of Casey

DO ALL THE THINGS: The 2013 100 Wrap-Up 51-60: Tradition, Tailoring and Tilling My Land

What’s struck me so far as I write these year-end wrap-ups is that I’m dealing with the list of a maniac. At 100 items, that’s 3.65 days to get each item done, or 8,760 hours. But if I sleep 6 hours a night, that’s suddenly 6,570 hours. And […]

The 2K11 24/7 CXXI: My fellow Canadians, GO VOTE!!!

It's time for Canadians to once more perform their civic duty, go to a polling booth and vote for their leadership for another chunk of time. I wish I had the time to put together a more significant entry on voting, but life has its priorities. I've chatted […]

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