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It’s good when your wife has your back. About a week ago, Sarah had sent me a piece from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Connection — a daily devotional based off of his ever-popular book, The Purpose Driven Life. It’s a Christian guide for finding a better sense of meaning in one’s life and reassurance to get through the difficult times.

The topic was on choices, and Sarah told me that it was written much like I’d write my posts—don’t wait for outside intervention for the bad things in your life to change. It is your life. You need to effect the changes you want. Even from a Christian standpoint, while God might know the grand destiny for our lives, he still gave us the gift of free will—YOU must make the choices that will define YOUR life while you have it!

Feel free to read the article below to get an idea of the way Rick aimed to get this idea across, albeit more eloquently. I’ll see you tomorrow with a post that took a few heads put together to make as good as it is!

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