The 2K11 24/7 XLVII: T is for Temptation

“Don’t mess with Mr. T
Don’t mess with Mr. T
T (he’ll get ya)
T (he’ll get ya)
T (he’ll get ya)
T (temptation…)” — Big Sean, “Mr. T”, If I were to write a list of the things in life that can be a pain in the ass, temptation would be way up there on the list. All too often, our ids take us down paths we probably shouldn’t be taking, mostly due to the Mr. T mentioned above. Whether it’s a minor temptation (e.g. “Just one more piece”, “It can wait ’til tomorrow” or “Just let me sleep another 10 minutes”) or a major one (e.g. “S/he never has to find out”, “Just this once” or “What harm could it do?”), they’re always there, just waiting to wrench us from our paths. I’m not even talking about this from a religious standpoint (though, admittedly, it’d be way easier to do so since there’s a standard set of rules one must abide by, more or less) — even if you don’t believe in a creator, there are temptations you’ll come across in life that you might take and REALLY come to regret later.

You’ve seen some themes repeat themselves in my posts a few times since the beginning of the year — this is because I think that they’re important and just good, solid advice that can help YOU through the challenges you’re SURE to face in life.

Let me focus on a few of these principles now so we can discuss how you can better manage temptations when they come your way:

The 2K11 24/7 XXXI: Why Having So Much Crap is Such a Pain

Blergh. This post would’ve totally come out earlier, but got wrapped up in all sorts of stuff β€” dodgeball, taking on an additional role at work this week due to my colleague being on vacation β€” it’s just been busy. But I’m committed to getting you that daily content, so here I am πŸ™‚ !
So I made some progress in the Quest for Less yesterday – not as much as I’d hoped, but I soon found that the goals I’d set had been slightly naΓ―ve. My room is filled with memories, minutia and memorabilia from moments past. (Feel free to quote that.) Although our stuff is transient and in many cases will not outlast us, we can’t immediately discount the emotional bonds we’re form with it. Instead of dumping things outright, we categorize them – putting them in piles depending on their function, or perhaps the ever-ambiguous “maybe” pile :)Some things that helped to get me sorted included these approaches:

The Quest for Less – INTRODUCTION

So after church today I came back to Miserysauga for the night to hang with fam and just rest. But I didn’t come alone. As part of the Quest for Less, I’ve brought a whole bag full of stuff that I’ve had lying around in one form or another for way too long. Half-done scene sketches, reference material, old magazines – lots of stuff that’s either crap or that could be repurposed to something greater. I always tell Sarah that one of my main daily goals is to never come home with as much as I have when I head out the door in the morning. This applies to:

  • The amount of stuff in my bags
  • The amount of weight I’m carrying on my shoulders from the to-do list that needs tackling/how many things I have on my mind for that day
  • Sometimes, even the number of bags I’m carrying

I love the idea of downsizing life (except when it comes to the job – that’s never cool). I’m sure that at one point in my life, amassing all the stuff that I have made sense. I’m sure that much of it had sentimental value at one point or another. But now is not then. The things that have a lot of sentimental value to me – my candygrams received through five years of private school – sit in a box I’ve duct-taped in triplicate. If I ever feel like I’ve reached the lowest of lows in life, that box is meant to help remind me of good times and who I can be if I try πŸ™‚