NaBloPoMo 2017, Day 1 | Why I Do What I Do.

Last Updated: November 1, 2020

“I feel like most of your posts are apologies for not posting more.”

— a Facebook friend on my last post

The Last 60 Days.

T.G.I.N., y’allβ€”ThankΒ Goodness It’sΒ November!

With another Halloween in the books (and less of a haul than the year before, but heyβ€”I hear transitioning from naps will do that to you), I’m finally free to turn my eyes to the rest of 2017 and what it yet has in storeβ€”a perfect time to take one last run at unfinished resolutions and dangling loose ends.

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer β€” NaBloPoMo, Day 1 β€” Why I Do What I Do. β€” The Palmer Boys

With sixty days left in the year (not including today), it’d be all too easy to bow out and rest. 2017’sΒ vastly exceeded my expectations in ways I’d never imagined, but it’s not without costβ€”my triple life’s an unyielding one, but I’d likely give up aΒ thousand nights’ rest if it meant I could continue chasing my ambitions.

I guess you could call meΒ obsessed. With potential, with growth, obsessedΒ with the freakin’ hustle… it’s tiring work, but I’d have it no other wayβ€”it’s what I need to do to get where I want to be.

But in this drive to become my best self, some fear I’ve lost my wayβ€”that money and opportunity have led me astray, and that the Casey who got me this far’s a memory… but that’s not it at all.