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The 2019 200 — Because if YOU Don't Get it Done, Who Will? (Featured Image)

The 2019 200 — Because if YOU Don’t Get it Done, Who Will?

If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably familiar with the lists of 100 goals I’d write every year. And I saying, “But you missed 2018!” And it’s true—2018 came hot and heavy; I wasn’t in any position to commit to a list that ambitious. And I could […]

The 2017 100 — It's Not WHAT You Do, It's How You DO It. (Featured Image)

The 2017 100 — It’s Not WHAT You Do, It’s How You DO It.

Unless my life sees some major changes this year, 2017 may mark the last list of 100! It’s January 13th—I’ve spent nearly two weeks of my new year agonising over 100 items that matter enough to hit a list of goals and aspirations for the year ahead. And that’s a key difference […]

The 2015 100, Part Two — Low-Hanging Fruit- The Short-Term List (Banner)

The 2015 100, Part 2: Low-Hanging Fruit — The Short-Term List

This year, I put my list of 100 together differently, looking to take care of home, self and the people around me before chasing after anything too extravagant, like going to SXSW or speaking at a TED Talk. 2014 taught me that baby steps exist for a reason, chewing me […]

2009 New Year's Even photo of Casey with a festive hat on

2013 ‘Til Infinity — The 2013 100

Dear fellow ’83 babies — this is it. The last gasp of your 20s. The last year where you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re not really an adult — that you’re a youth just playing the part. You’ll start to get labelled. Expectations will increase. Parents will […]

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