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Canadian International Auto Show 2014 — Metro Toronto Convention Centre — North Building — Crowd Shot

DO ALL THE THINGS: Monthly Wrap-Up — The February Freeze

As I stood outside, chipping away at our icy walkway with a spade borrowed from our in-laws (because remember, our garage is still frozen shut from the ice storms), I suddenly recalled that February started with a surprise visit from my parents. Having missed out on seeing DoomzToo for […]

A photo of my Dad at the farewell party for St. Hubert Bar-B-Q at his final speech.

The Scintilla Project Day One — The Last Day My First Job Existed

The Scintilla Project aims to help bloggers become better storytellers by sending them email prompts for a two-week period that spur them in the right direction. Today’s prompts were to either Tell a story about a time you got drunk before you were legally able to do so or […]

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