Quaker Canada x Casey Palmer | “Goodness Starts Today” Part Two: So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks

Last updated on November 4th, 2020 at 11:12 am

Growing up, the most my family dealt with the outdoors was around our Mississauga neighbourhood with bike rides by the Credit River, or horsing around with our friends at the nearby park when we weren’t too busy with cartoons or video games. Some reasons for this were obviousΒ β€” even as a Black family without a huge Black community surrounding us, itΒ still wasn’t “something we did”, spending what vacation time my parents could cobble together onΒ other local attractions, like Niagara Falls’ Marineland or Vaughan’s Canada’s Wonderland.

Casey Palmer x Quaker Canada Present β€” -Goodness Starts Today- Part Two So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks β€” Palmer Family Visits Jamaica c 1998I mean, sure we changed it up sometimes β€” we spent time at Myrtle Beach with our aunt and took a family trek down to Jamaica to appreciate better where our parents came from, but we wereΒ city kids. We knew bus stops and suburbΒ blocks, shopping malls and streetcars… we grew up with the frenetic pace of The Big Smoke, thinking that’s just how life was.

Sarah, however, sees different.