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In It to Schwinn It, Vol. 2 — BIKE YOUR CITY. (Featured Image v2)

SPONSORED POST: In it to Schwinn It, Vol. 2 — BIKE YOUR CITY.

“It’s just like riding a bike.” — unknown source Once you know how to ride a bike, riding again is easy. The hard part comes when you try to find time to ride it — this adulting business isn’t exactly rife with free time, and unless you’re one of the rare specimens who’ll […]

The Week That Was... October 11-17, 2015 (Featured Image)

The Week That Was… October 11th -17th, 2015

I struggled a lot with this week’s The Week That Was, trying to get in the right headspace to write on everything that happened. These seven days weren’t extraordinarily good nor bad — with how hectic my life usually is, you could even call them tame. I burned through page after page […]

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