Fighting the Funk

Last updated on May 18th, 2021 at 11:44 am

A pile of scrap paper used to sketch out a blog post.
I can’t help it—even if you put a scrap of paper next to me, I’ll start scribbling ideas like a madman. It’s like a sickness 😐

Do you ever feel like your life is out of control and you don’t know how to fix it?

If you’re anything like me (and I hope for the good of humankind that there aren’t too many out there like me), you often keep so much on the plate that you don’t know where one item stops and where the next starts on the to-do list! In my case, it wasn’t even until recently that I managed to schedule time in to visit the doctor and the dentist (check ’em off of the list, by the way!)—partly due to dealing with an illness with a very visible effect; but largely due to constantly having so many things on the go and never knowing which one to attack.

It’s enough to drive someone mad.

The End is the Beginning is the End

Last updated on April 1st, 2021 at 02:57 am

While Batman & Robin was a horrible movie, they did get something right—the soundtrack. While little of it got much fanfare, it’s still enjoyable. It includes two Smashing Pumpkins songs that’re meant to be reflections of one another—”The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” and “The End is the Beginning is the End”. I think they hit the nail right on the head there—the end is the beginning is the end.

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