The 2016 100

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I can’t even lie, guys—coming up with a list of 100 goals for the fourth year in a row was hardridiculously so. I’m a very different me than I was when The 2013 100 came out, back when free time was still an abundant commodity I didn’t even know I was taking for granted, trying to fill it with countless things that’d keep life interesting.

A problem I most definitely don’t have in 2016!

As I work at surviving the upcoming year—especially with our second child’s imminent arrival—I needed to make the list a lot more realistic; I’m all too skilled at chasing ambitions that exceed my lifestyle’s capacity, and I’ll need to keep wary of that in 2016 if I want to see myself make it out the other side!

So without further ado, The 2016 100. It took a couple of days to polish off after recovering from the gauntlet that was 2015, but I feel like it’s a list that will really make waves in this life o’ mine should I see it finished!

But hey—that’s what I say every year 😂

Thanks for reading!

1) Write an amazing series for Black History Month
2) Win a vacation for my dry cleaner
3) Watch Creed; Mad Max: Fury Road; The Martian; Ant-Man
4) Take Eric to a sporting event so he can stop complaining about getting left from sporting events
5) Phase my old 3.5″ hard drive out
6) Get rid of my old electronics
7) Stop biting my nails
8) Get rid of the wedding thank you cards I never sent
9) Clean out the basement crawl space
10) Build shelves into the crawl space
11) Give my FWD Powershot 2 to my old manager the hockey coach
12) Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
13) Sort out my old TD employee RSP
14) Consolidate everything down to a single notepad

Though a chiropractor I started seeing late into 2015 told me I’d developed some mild sciatica in my back, I didn’t need him to tell me I carry too much STUFF. In a digital age where we can pack mountains of information into a single device, there’s really NO NEED for me to carry all the draft posts and note that I do—save the fact that working from hard copy’s the way my brain’s WIRED.

In 2016, I need a little more focus to keep all my ideas stored in one place so I’m not constantly carrying EVERYTHING in my house made of paper, knowing that I probably scribbled SOMETHING on ALL of ’em.

15) Sort out the Internet situation at home so I can stop relying on tethering to LTE data
16) Learn enough Spanish to understand my sister-in-law’s Mexican wedding in May
17) Find time for date nights, which will involve finding someone who wants to babysit two kids… how about we just find more awesome things to do at home, just in case?
18) Try Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake
19) Get to 0 drafts on by converting everything into live posts
20) Install the growth chart for my kids that we got at my office baby shower
21) Update all the old content on
22) Upgrade the site infrastructure to better support contest traffic
23) Redesign the heck out of the blog (Twenty Sixteen, what up)
24) Find the time to pack more lunches for work
25) Clean up and optimize my Pinterest account (I still have that copy of Pinterest Savvy lying around somewhere)
26) Shave more regularly
27) Hand out my remaining business “cep” cards so I can put in a new order (wait—do we still do business cards?)
28) Clear out the bookshelves to prepare for Baby #2
29) Replace the lost key to our 2011 Ford Edge
30) Figure out what I ACTUALLY need to run my site and invest in THAT.
31) Replace our bathroom sink
32) Meet with the people who I never seemed to schedule in through 2015 (Aaron, Emma, Ria, Adrienne, Dianna)
33) Get a Brookhaven Computer Cabinet

The 1% of the Casa de Palmer workspace I use to do all the things isn’t the best—in fact, it’s falling apart. As I get older and start formalizing my #BloggerLife, Sarah and I agree that my workspace should evolve to show that. It’ll take some saving to make it happen, but it’d be a nice addition to the home.

WordPress for BlackBerry – you didn’t see it coming!

Last updated on February 18th, 2021 at 02:02 am

Ah, I’ve finally managed to get a one-up on Rene! So here I am, finally having figured out how to use the WordPress for BlackBerry app to put my posts for OLA together—this will let me get a lot more done while I’m out and about, which is awesome.

Current location: Yonge subway station, about to board the eastbound train to meet a friend. It’s packed, but not nearly as bad as the northbound train was.

No sketching today as of yet, but I reflected a bit upon the skills I’m developing at work and how they might be able to relate to OLA. The connections are loose at best at the moment, but work with me for a moment here.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with work lately:

  • It’s a project management office, which means I’m further developing my skills in the area of project management, a skill we’ll need to efficiently and effectively get OLA off the ground
  • mail merging: this will be a good skill to have if at some point we need to write standard letters, emails, other documents, etc. on a regular basis and we carry most of our OLA information in one place, such as a…
  • database: I’ve been in charge of making sure that our Access database is up to date and that any changes are made to the database when necessary—when we get larger and need database maintenance to make sure that our records are intact, I’ll be there
  • financial: there’s a pretty strong financial controllership component to my job as well, which will obviously come into play as OLA gets bigger and we want to do more with it

Hopefully, they’re all skills I can use for OLA in good times and bad 😉

In other news, since the MacBook Pro I want came up to $2850 (including AppleCare, the iPod Touch I’d need to buy for the student deal, student discount and the gift cards I have—though I should re-calculate without the iPod Touch—and maybe it’s a sign that I should wait until mobile quad-core tech is developed, since dual-core is SO 2001) and Apple disappointingly didn’t include a camera in their new iPod Touches as expected in their keynote release today (it went to the Nano? WTF!), I’ll be copping Drawn to Life and Locke’s Quest for the DS tonight (if I can find copies) in preparation for the release of Scribblenauts next Wednesday (which I’ve already paid for)! I’m looking forward to using all sorts of crazy item combinations to beat levels. I hope that this game will be as epic as the speculators make it out to be! My DS hasn’t been getting too much time in the spotlight lately, so this’ll be a welcome change.

In other tech news for myself, I’ve gotta replace/fix my iPods (yup, plural—one original, then another for when the first broke… but I never bothered to fix the first one… oops). One’s got a busted screen and is still under warranty at Future Shop, so we’ll see how that goes; and for the other—wait for it—wait for itttt—I’ll be fixing myself using this site: iFixit—I know, right?! Epic win! The Internet is making us self-sufficient when it comes to services that we’d often rely on experts to do for us. I’m hoping to keep one for myself and give the other to my girlfriend, but we’ll see how it all turns out 😊

Babbling, babbling, babbling.

Oh noes, a serious part!

I’ve been told that I’m the kind of person who tends to always keep certain things to myself—no matter who it is, there’s always certain elements that I choose not to share. This is very true. I have a friend who would like to see me go into business for myself. While I don’t think this is a bad idea at all, to be honest, I’m scared. I don’t know if I’d do well. I don’t know if I’d ever get to a point where I’d consider myself successful at what I’d do. It would be a massive risk to take, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that. Though, truth be told, I can’t see with any clarity where the path in my life is leading me right now, so perhaps it’s a step that needs to be taken. Any thoughts?

A sketch of two women dressed in Chanel.

By the way, I guess I ended up doing a sketch after all:

2 Girls, 1 Sheet.

Right, so we just wrapped up a game of Catan: Cities & Knights and Sarah and I are walking home. Welcome to a random day in the life of Casey E. Palmer. Hope you enjoyed your stay!!!


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