A few more quickies.

My new baby is the Wacom Intuos3 6×8. It’s a graphics tablet—it lets me draw directly onto the computer, which makes colouring a hell of a lot easier. I used it on the Turtles pic, and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot more in many pics to come. Pleezbaleevit!

If all turns out well, I’ll be hanging with Mr. linkinparkyay in sunny L.A. from late May to early June. Would be good to get away from the insanity for a bit. aliyad also pointed out to me that our wonderful friend lanajax also lives down there, so perhaps a meet-up is in order! Hmm? Hmmmm? Meh—I better get the time off approved my el manageria first, just in case 😐

https://www.doomsdayblaze.com: Fish & Chimps is back to a regular schedule with weekly Monday updates! When I reflected upon the fact that I only released 6 strips in 2005, I figured that that was fairly pathetic, and am resolving to do better.

https://doomzsketch.blogspot.com: I also started up a group sketchblog with five friends o’ mine, and so far it’s all going pretty well 😊 These things are getting me to draw more often than I usually do.

School bites and work is a rat race, but it can’t be helped.

Righto. Off to take some study notes.

–case p.

Quick Updates.

Okay, all. Keeping busy as usual, but let’s do a quick rundown of what’s going on with me.

  • School’s started again, and I’m back into the world of tuition, overpriced textbooks, and sub-par food. Wicked.
  • I’m determined to start updating Fish & Chimps on Mondays so that I can get to the new storyline I have in mind for it
  • I’ve also started up a new sketchblog with some friends, but I won’t be releasing the URL until I’ve finalized what the URL will be (good idea, no?)
  • Thanks lilhlfpint for the Holiday card 😊 I welcome all mail, lol.
  • I’ve become rather obsessed with solving Sudoku and Kakuro number puzzles. I don’t know why I do them so often. I try to justify it by saying “it keeps my mind sharp”. Next up: Learn how to solve a cryptic crossword!
  • Operation: Clean-up is getting there, slowly but surely. There’s been a lot of things tossed out of my life, and I’m sure that there’s more to come.
  • I still idle some of my time away playing Neopets, unfortunately, but eh. Until I do what I set out to do, I think it’s a good way to kill time… and brain cells.
  • If anyone wants to send me any of the following, I’d be your homey forever: The Sopranos, Mighty Max, OZ Seasons 4—6, Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under… hell, almost anything HBO is good by me. I’m getting through season 3 of 24 right now, and I’m still lovin’ it!

Anyway, that’s the gist of things for now. Be seein’ y’all!
–case p.

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