The 2017 100

Last updated on April 1st, 2021 at 01:08 am

Unless my life sees some major changes this year, 2017 may mark the last list of 100!

It’s January 13th—I’ve spent nearly two weeks of my new year agonising over 100 items that matter enough to hit a list of goals and aspirations for the year ahead. And that’s a key difference from the lists that came before it.

Before it was a task list—I’d look around at everything that needed doing and jot it down, because my life would obviously be better with them out of the way.

But task lists aren’t inspiring. They’re not motivational. As a creative, that’s like dropping a pile of 100 things I dread on my lap and nagging myself to get ’em done by the year’s end.

Once I realised what I was doing to myself, so much so that I just went through my least successful year yet for my list, I knew I needed to make a change for 2017.

I’m particularly proud of the list I’ve put together for The 2017 100. I didn’t take any shortcuts—I wrote out 100 things that’d help me live the life I’d like to lead and prove instrumental along the path there. Rather than hurriedly scrawl out a list I’d likely ignore ’til December, I wrote one that I’d happily check off, knowing that each accomplishment would take me a step closer to a far better 2018. I feel like I’m finally getting it right this time, and I hope that shines through as you give it a look for yourself!

But that’s enough of my chatter—I’ve already made you wait long enough. Here for your consideration is The 2017 100—because it’s not what you do… it’s how you do it!

Subway Canada Helps Me #BuildAWinner | #CarlsCrew Wrap-Up!

Last updated on November 4th, 2020 at 02:50 am

So it’s late April and we’re on the other end of the Carl’s Crew challenge sponsored by Subway Canada. Six weeks later, I’ll admit—I’m not much better than when I started. I’m still up at all hours working on the #BloggerLife, trying to turn all these ideas into… something. I still stress eat on the rough days at work, wolfing down Popeye’s three-pieces on the days that particularly suck. Life’s been dizzying lately, and while I’ve got a whole heap of reasons to take better care of myself, I repeatedly fail, continually choosing immediate gratification over long-term benefits.

I want to try, though. I’m a father now, and my son will pattern behaviour from what he sees around him. If he becomes a workaholic, it’ll be my fault. It he eats junk all the time, it’ll be my fault. I need to make better choices now to make the best possible future for him — and to make sure I’m part of it!

So even though I wasn’t being all that I could during the six-week challenge, I know there’re things I can take from the experience, slowly applying them to my life to make the right changes.

Sleep—it’ll find you sooner or later!!!

Last updated on April 2nd, 2021 at 02:03 am

Sleep is important. It is ESSENTIAL. Even when you deny it to your body, your body still knows that you need it—and will GLADLY remind you, when you wake up and wonder why the time on your clock is two hours later than you think it should be. I’d be the last person to give you a tutorial in sleeping well; it’s something that I have yet to master, myself, and it’s a road that I’ve not yet begun to walk. But while I can’t tell you how to lead a healthy sleeping lifestyle, what I CAN share with you is some examples of what has caused myself and others I know to LOSE sleep at night, and how you might be able to avoid them.

This is a killer—I’ve seen too many people who get really shook up by the stress they encounter at work, letting it creep into their time spent away from the job and affecting how they sleep. What you need to do here is separate your work thoughts from those in the rest of your life—try your best not to bring your work home with you. I’m always of the mentality that we work to live, not live to work. If you love your job enough, then this shouldn’t even be an issue, so I’m not talking about the minority of people.

Eating too much, too late

I’ll eat cereal for a midnight snack—too late to want to put effort into preparing a hot meal, but too hungry to eat something insubstantial. Quite the conundrum! But for many people, eating late will only help to keep you up even longer. If you’re not me, clad with an iron stomach and the ability to sleep like a baby, you may want to cut your eating off after a reasonable hour, like 8 or 9 pm. I also hear that it’s good for dieting, or something.

Too many nights of too little sleep

You’re young, you’re hip, you live arounf other people. With your lifestyle may come nights upon nights of parties, socials and ways to just have a good time into the wee hours of the morning. I hear you there, and it’s all pretty awesome—but only in moderation. When your sleep schedule starts becoming really wonky because you sleep at 4 and need to be up at 7 for work, it’s going to catch up with you. It’s true! The entire idea of us being young AND invincible simply does NOT jive. Try and regulate those sleeping habits so that you’re always fresh in the morning and ready to go!

With that said, I just had another late night, so if you choose not to listen to me, I’ll fully understand.

Have a great day one and all, and try not to get punked!


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