SPONSORED POST: #TogetherBetterHappens — Changing the Wireless Game!

We’ve come a long way from when I bought my first cell phone in early ’02, keeping a close eye on how many texts I sent and chastising friends who’d call in the daytime unless it was an emergency. Everything’s gotten so much more complex since then! Smartphones are as ubiquitous as our wallets, many of us unable to function without them by our sides. We’re connected in ways we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago, popping things on Facebook or Instagram to help tell our story. But somewhere in the mix, we forgot about a lingering question underlying it all, one governing just how good we actually have it at the end of the day —

do we have the right PHONE PLANS?

GIVEAWAY POST: Casey Palmer x TELUS Present — Life in the Six with the Galaxy S6!

We’re really good at making life unnecessarily complicated.

Once upon a time, I’d carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not even metaphorically, though — if you want to know how notorious I’ve been for carrying everything but the kitchen sink on my back, here’s a diagram!

I call this “What’s in my bag?” or “Please don’t rob me.”

I never made things easy on myself — need to take some sweet baby photos? Bust out the SLR, charge the flash, adjust the diffuser and capture that perfect moment. Despite the world obviously moving toward single devices that do all the things, for some reason I felt it necessary to carry a phone, a tablet, my laptop and my drawing tablet with me wherever I went… but for what? In case I needed to hack a mainframe with a friend on the phone while reading an ebook for instructions, drawing schematics and playing a ridiculously amazing soundtrack? Seriously?

The more I clung to my old and outdated ways, the more I realized all my time was going into things that I could do way faster with a device that’d just handle everything for me. As a father, husband, blogger, and a very busy Team Lead in my 9-5 life, I — quite literally — need every second I can get…  and the Samsung Galaxy S6 was the perfect device for making my life easier!

Casey Palmer x TELUS Mobility Present — 5 Things You NEED to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S6

Partnering with TELUS is easily one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2015.

And to think — it all happened by chance.

Since our not quite humble beginnings cheering Canada on in the IIHF World Junior Championship, that relationship’s only deepened as we explored the quid pro quo needed to make sure everyone would wind up satisfied.

Even so, I was — and still am — blown away that this brought the opportunity to become one of but a handful of bloggers helping TELUS launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 nationwide, because my people, I kid you not… this phone is a game-changer for me!

GIVEAWAY POST: The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S and Pop 7 — Two Devices to Help Consumers Out of a Digital Stone Age

I think I need a new phone.

Maybe it’s the way it only charges when propped up at just the right angle thanks to its damaged microUSB port, a port that’s ever so fragile on just about any device it graces. Maybe it’s the times when the phone randomly restarts, or spontaneously ejects the microSD card, or decides that the device memory is corrupt, requiring a battery pull to get it working again. Maybe it’s the fact that technology moved so fast these days that despite winning the phone at the end of 2012, it’s already several generations old, an ancient relic of a time when “4K” was only the price tag for that shiny new MacBook Pro you coveted from the Apple Store. Or maybe — just maybe — it’s a sign that it’s time to try something new, and fortunately, I got the opportunity to do so!

Because My Phone is My Lifeline.

I run my tech into the ground.

Ever since my first Nokia brick phone back in ’02, I’ve taken my phones to their limit before replacing them. The BlackBerry Bold whose letters rubbed off of its keys from all the vigorous texting. The Motorola C350 whose screen eventually stopped turning on — probably for the best, though, with my friends always trying to drag me out at all hours of night.

Time and again, I rocked phones that wound up getting… well, rocked… and with the sad shape my current Samsung Galaxy S III is in, I’m on the hunt once more for a device that can keep up with the ever-expanding demands on my #BloggerLife! Hearing my plight, Bell and TELUS stepped up to see if they could help with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S smartphone and the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet!

The 2K11 24/7 CXXXIV: Putting the “Smart” Back in Smartphone

At some point, we really didn’t have to think as hard anymore — our heads were filled with commands to refine our Google searches and cool little sites that we want to show our friends instead of phone numbers and our to-do lists It wasn’t so bad though — because there used to be a clear separation between desktop computers (because laptops were heavy and too expensive) and our cell phones. 

Text messaging plans were highway robbery.
Social networking was a term that had yet to be coined.
The conversations we had in person were still, well… CONVERSATIONS.
But the smartphone single-handedly (heh) changed the way the game was played.