The Ford Blue Party

I'd drive it :)

Even though Maverick PR’s #OpenEnvelope-inspiring tweet likely got some would-be attendees to stay in and out of the cold of Snowmageddon, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about Ford Canada, it’s this—they definitely know how to throw an event! How far will you go to party? Though many weren’t willing to brave Snowmageddon to… Continue reading The Ford Blue Party

TeamTrolling Does America

It was massive, it was delicious and the combination of the two made for an AMAZING nap afterward.

So I was in Vegas for four days. In the time I’ve been gone, I’ve changed jobs, Toronto was hit by a blizzard and Burger King’s Twitter account got hacked in a gloriously hilarious fashion. That’s the best you could do in four days, Toronto? Shoot. I’ll tell you all about my trip soon enough; until… Continue reading TeamTrolling Does America

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