Don’t Argue With Fools

Last updated on April 1st, 2021 at 02:09 pm

“A wise man told me don’t argue with fools
Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”
–Jay-Z, “Takeover”

Reading this blog, you might be led to believe that I’m an idealist. I write of a world that I can only dream of where we all get along and know how to behave. Where the problems of the world are solved collaboratively because we all realize that we have a united stake in bettering our world.

But you’d be wrong—I’m a realist. I’m completely aware that some people are NOT worth our time. You CAN’T win every battle. You WILL have crappy days. The world as it stands right now has its wonders and great moments, but largely, it’s REALLY messed up! Sometimes, it’s just not even worth it.

Like the time I almost got in a fight earlier this year.

Eagles Airlines | The Flight That Never Happened

Last updated on April 2nd, 2021 at 12:29 am

Sometimes things don’t work out quite as expected. Today I’m hosting a party, but beforehand, it involved weeding, buying booze and other household tasks that preoccupied me from getting a blog post done. So here I am, scrambling after the start of the party (well, officially speaking), cranking one out. Et voila—the story of what went down when Sarah and I were trapped in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris! Enjoy, and tomorrow we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming 😊

The Goodwill of Store Clerks & Loving Thy Neighbour

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So as we all know from the last couple days’ of posts, the 2010 20K didn’t end up as well as I’d originally anticipated. The drive wasn’t there to reach the original goal, and my life became highly involved in a number of other pursuits. I’m sorry if I let anyone down with this—but in retrospect, it wasn’t the right fit. If you did end up contributing and want me to make a donation in-kind to a charity of your choice, or have some other crazy idea that you’d like me to follow up on, I’m all ears 😊 I believe that some of the principles that help govern a healthy lifestyle include collaboration, communication and flexibility, so let me express some of those, and hopefully, we can figure out what next steps to take 😊

I was doing some thinking lately about the past year, and how on one hand, while I was striving to find ways to make some extra cash, I was equally fortunate that I didn’t need to shell out some ridiculous sums at times! Chalk it up to divine intervention, maybe to just—as some of my coworkers like to so subtly put it—me having “a horseshoe up my ass”, I’ve been fortunate.

One such story happened in mid-late November.

It was the night of a band practice for the OPS Battle of the Bands (we’re The Calamities, by the way—pictures and video coming soon). We were off to a rocky start musically, and we wanted to record ourselves to get a better idea of what things were sounding like. So I whipped out my ever-handy iPod Touch (4th gen) so we could get something clean to work with, placing it square in the middle of a nearby amp. This was not a good idea. With the combination of the bassy reverberations of the amp and a wayward foot hitting its side, I found myself looking over, moments later, to an iPod facedown on the ground.

The drop couldn’t have been more than a foot, but it was enough to send a crack glaring diagonally across the face of my (rather pricy) source of fun. It was very, very hard to get through the rest of practice without losing my ****, but I eventually made it and ventured home, damaged goods in tow. Sarah was about as unimpressed as I was.

When I got in, I started reviewing the warranty documentation, only to find that inflicted damage isn’t covered. This was definitely not cool, since I’d bought AppleCare to extend my warranty for another two years just in case. So there went my money down the drain in SO many ways, and me Googling for a solution when there was none to be found 😔

So I decided to go into the Apple Store to see what my options were. I found out that I could reserve an appointment online—which I did, leaving a lengthy explanation of how the damage happened; how I didn’t want to pay half the cost of the iPod Touch for a repair fee since it was only a couple of months old and since Apple doesn’t currently supply any cases for their newest iPod Touch, and that I was generally upset.

Booked. And then re-booked. And then re-booked once again. (What can I say—it was a really busy day!)

I went to the Genius Bar to see what we could do. I was pretty nervous, because knowing that AppleCare didn’t cover this, we were looking at a repair charge of $219 + tax on top of what I’d already paid for the device and the extended warranty. The guy who helped me—the first thing he noticed was the case I had for my iPod Touch (I believe it was a Miss Belle case I’d gotten from Fan Expo 2010—thanks to this site for helping me figure it out!) and how cute it was. Little did I know that this would open the door for further awesomeness—we started talking about what had happened, how high the drop had been, how I was trying to record my band so we could figure out where we were going wrong—and yeah. When I was done, he gave me a look and let me know that this isn’t usually done, but he was going to give me a one-time replacement, free of charge.


Maaaaan, it was like Christmas had come early. (I think I overused this line in 2010, for the record.) The first thing I did after leaving the store (after profusely thanking the guy and promising to spread the word that the Apple Store Toronto Eaton Centre is freaking awesome with amazing customer service) was hit up The Source and get myself a sturdy leather case to make sure that this crap never happened again.

So I guess the moral here is that saving money is equal parts earning the money, but also not spending your money idiotically. And spending that money would have been STUPID. I’m really glad I didn’t have to.

So keep your devices close and your common sense closer, and while I use my Springpad to sort out all these notes I have strewn across various areas, I hope that you guys aren’t going crazy with the holiday season! (I haven’t even started shopping yet, but I can already see the year being pretty low-key. Though I know some friends are being totally slacktastic with their wish lists. You know who you are. Yes, I can call you out in my blog!)

Peace out, homefries,

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Making money from board games

Last updated on March 24th, 2021 at 10:29 am

Facebook and Twitter have always been a source of information and interaction for me, and I’m glad to see that yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday’s post got a number of comments from various friends, some of the notable ones being:

“Nice to see you chose life over cash 😊”

Amongst other suggestions for making $20,000 of bank heists, casinos and counterfeiting, but I’m not exactly sure how serious those friends were 😕

This weekend I think I’ll have to look back through my calendars, notes and whatever to figure out what the heck I did in 2010 toward the 2010 20K. One thing that comes to mind is working with Compulsive Pictures to put together a commercial for Hasbro for a new version of Cranium 😊 This was actually the second year in a row where I’d done some work for them. It actually started during The Great Unemployment Stint of 2009 (which lasted all of seven weeks), when I’d received a random FlickrMail on my Flickr account due to some pictures I’d posted of the then-new Cranium pieces from Cranium WOW! So last July, almost as if it were a late birthday present, I was contacted about the potential to be in a Cranium TV commercial. Since I loved playing Cranium, seemed like a good idea, right? Sent in some test footage of myself and a group of friends playing, and that was that—I soon found myself in possession of a Flip Ultra HD video camera, a new Cranium board game, some money in my pocket, and they paid for the food and drink for hosting the game. I’ll admit, it was pretty awesome.

But what was even more awesome was when they revealed that they were doing a Canadian casting call in 2010, same prizes and another cash prize up for grabs 😊 I don’t think they ever revealed the footage from this go-around, but alas. S’all good. What mattered is that I did walk away from it with $150 for hosting, organizing and participating in the party. And I now have an extra Flip Ultra HD lying around up for grabs if someone wants to buy it and add to the 2010 20K total (or has some sort of awesome idea of how I could give it away—yadda ya).

So worry not—this year wasn’t idle—I just haven’t told you about all of it yet 😊

This next year’s going to be a challenge. I can already see 43 drafts in my gmail leering at me; hundreds upon hundreds of bookmarks between my Google Chrome, Firefox and Delicous systems (if anyone has a slick way to import and combine these all into one place, I’m all ears!); and taking a look around me in my room … yeah, there’s a lot to do.

But we’re not on that topic yet 😊

Anyway, hope y’all are having a good night. The night is still young and I’m stuck on Final Fantasy. (I’m stubborn and I’m refusing to look at walkthroughs to get me by, so alas. Unintended levelling up, ahoy!)

Until tomorrow, ladies and gents!

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Sleep is for the smart

Last updated on March 30th, 2021 at 12:56 pm

“Sleep is for the weak”—I’ve often heard this and lived by it for many years of the life I’ve lived so far. So not true, as yesterday proved to me—sleep is really good to get, and as you get older (I know, I know—I’m only 26…), it’s something you come to appreciate a whole lot more. Yesterday was a good example—me, feeling tired as hell, decided to take a trip to the nearby mall after work to get some jeans, since all of mine are either too baggy, ripped in the wrong places or just not my style anymore. So all was well until I needed to get my butt home—ONLY TO NOT BE ABLE TO FIND MY SUBWAY PASS.

Well this was a problem. With the fact that I already pay $111 monthly for the pass, I wasn’t too keen on paying extra fare in order to correct my mistake. But my mistake it was, so extra fare I did pay.

$20 and one spent token later, I eventually made my way home, and emptied my bag of the day’s contents. And what was at the very bottom? That’s right. My April subway pass. Joy: Finding it. Not so joyous: Having bought tokens that I didn’t need!

However, I did not write this just to whine and complain—I do come bearing gifts! Simple ones, but I hope they help some of my readers out there. I tend to skim through the main free papers in town day to day, and they’re full of tons of info. The problem, though, is that they’re placed in locations that’re more convenient for commuters to grab and read while on the go—but the people who’re looking for work tend to be home, trying to figure out the next steps that they need to take so that they can find another job. I’ve been there—I know that going outside wasn’t a priority—in fact, it often took quite the effort JUST to get out there if the motivation wasn’t there on a given day. So I’m going to try and get some of this material to the people who can actually use them. Today’s material will focus on using the web as a means to find that next job!

Using the Web to Find Work

Anyway, thanks for reading yet another of these fantabulous posts. Coming up soon:

  • My very first sponsored post—yes, I will write posts for money! Watch me do it!
  • The video post of Doomz! What’s he up to and what does it look like?
  • My move from PC to Mac and how the heck it affects what I do!

The 2010 20K Running Total = $192.14

Until next time, mi lectors!

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