The 2016 100 Wrap-Up, Part 2: 46 Things I DIDN’T Do But Still Very Much WANT To.

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So somewhere in my crazy mind, I’d convinced myself it’d be a good idea to write my wrap-up for The 2016 100 all as one post, because I’m always so curt with my posts, of course. A few days of working on it quickly killed that idea, and here were are with the second part of my wrap-up, covering the things I didn’t get around to in 2016, but still plan to manage this year, as well as my reasons why.

(Note: You will see these in some form in The 2017 100, so you know—don’t be too surprised.)

What I Didn’t Do, But Still Want to Do Next Year

7) Stop biting my nails—Ugh. What I probably need to do first is reduce the amount of stress in my life to get a better chance of dropping this disgusting habit. I had a good run early in the year, but hey. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time!
8) Get rid of the wedding thank you cards I never sent—I don’t think those past thank you’s are getting sent. It’s just… not something I’m doing. Instead, I think I’d love to start sending Christmas letters with some personalisation. I’m not a complete jackass, guys, but there needs to be a point where we agree to move on.
13) Sort out my old TD employee RSP—Any outstanding finances in general, really: part of being an adult is knowing how much your insurance will pay out. What your benefits cover. What’s in your stock portfolio. 2017 Casey Palmer needs a better handle on all this kind of stuff!

The 2016 100 Wrap-Up, Part 2—46 Things I DIDN'T Do But Very Much Still WANT To.—A Cluttered Casey Palmer Workspace

14) Consolidate everything down to a single notepad—I mean, you don’t see the magic happening, but my desk and dining room table are plastered with pages of notes as I draft out my posts. Will it happen? Maybe. Do I want it to? Oh heck yes ?

How I got where I am. Well, part of it, anyway.

So a friend asked me what the story was of how I got my job at the bank, so I decided to indulge her.

Alright, the story of how I got my bank job. One day I was working at the restaurant my dad used to own, in the takeout area. It was a Friday, so it was fairly busy, and after four years of working there, I was comfortable and familiar with the customers, so all was going pretty well. Cracking jokes, chatting it up, you know, whatever. After I got the mini-rush done, I was going to the back to go back to de-boning chicken, when the take-out buzzer went off again. I went to see who it was, only to find that it was a customer that I’d just served. I thought to myself,

“Aw crap—what did we do now?”

And he goes on to tell me (after washing my hands):

“Hey—I just wanted you to know that I like your customer service skills—if you’re ever looking for a job, give me a call.”

And he ended up being a Manger for Sales & Service for TD Bank! So, I went to the back and went:

“Hey, Dad!”
Dad: “Yeah?”
Casey: “I QUIT!!!”

The look on his face was pretty priceless, but when I showed him the card, he told me to go in his office and write my two weeks up. And the rest is pretty much history. I got hired through the bank’s floating employee agency, Your Choice, got assigned to my current branch after a couple of months, they bought my contract from the agency, and now I am where I am. This is the story.

–case p.

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