LG InstaView Refrigerator & QuadWash Dishwasher

How the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator and LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher Help You Make the MOST of Your Time in the Kitchen! You know you’re getting older when you start having appliance envy. As a kid, all you want are toys. Household management? A foreign concept. The multiple bits and pieces to do well at adulting?… Continue reading LG InstaView Refrigerator & QuadWash Dishwasher

iPad Pro | Helping Me Finding My Flow

They say ignorance is bliss. We don’t know what we don’t know, and before I got my hands on an iPad Pro, I was blissfully unaware just how much this sweet piece of hardware would change how I live my life. The iPad Pro’s not my first rodeo with the product line—I bought a 64… Continue reading iPad Pro | Helping Me Finding My Flow

Best Buy Smart Home

Part of me wants to think I was the perfect kid, never causing trouble for my parents… but my childhood home would likely disagree. I routinely fell asleep with the light on. I burned TVs out holding my place in the video games I kept on all night. Yes, I kicked holes in walls and… Continue reading Best Buy Smart Home

The 2017 100

Unless my life sees some major changes this year, 2017 may mark the last list of 100! It’s January 13th—I’ve spent nearly two weeks of my new year agonising over 100 items that matter enough to hit a list of goals and aspirations for the year ahead. And that’s a key difference from the lists… Continue reading The 2017 100

Tile Mate: Helpin’ You Keep Your Stuff BY YOUR SIDE

I’ve always had a bad habit of losing my stuff. I mean, it’s largely because I carry too much stuff, but Murphy’s Law runs true, and the things you lose are often the ones that matter most. Keys. Wallets. Phones. Jewellery. We’re so caught up in our hectic days that it’s easy to lose track of the things… Continue reading Tile Mate: Helpin’ You Keep Your Stuff BY YOUR SIDE