Pampers #ThanksBaby | Celebrating Mother’s Day!

While I’m obviously no expert (Y chromosomes pretty much exclude me from experiencing the… “miracle” (?) of childbirth first-hand), I’ve learned a lot about motherhood through everything I’ve seen Sarah go through in our nearly 3-year journey as parents so far. As soon as that first baby hits the scene, they teach you how to… Continue reading Pampers #ThanksBaby | Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Pampers #ThanksBaby | The Finer Side of Fatherhood

In my world, June’s all about the Dads. Unlike Canadian Moms, unfortunate enough to celebrate Mother’s Day under the shadow of May 24’s looming promise (aka the first Canadian long weekend that isn’t cold, wet, or having anything else fall from the sky), June’s sorely lacking in anything distracting us from celebrating our fathers. And that’s… Continue reading Pampers #ThanksBaby | The Finer Side of Fatherhood