The Week That Was… October 11th-17th, 2015

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I struggled a lot with this week’s The Week That Was, trying to get in the right headspace to write on everything that happened. These seven days weren’t extraordinarily good nor bad—with how hectic my life usually is, you could even call them tame. I burned through page after page trying to get it right, but I couldn’t get it flowing as I wanted—a story worth reading for an audience that expects as much of me as I do of myself wasn’t within grasp, no matter how much I hustled.

But just because something’s hard doesn’t mean you don’t do it—sometimes you need to find another approach to getting your story across!

I mean, seriously—when some of your mornings start like this, would you want to write about it???

Butterball Canada Makes it Easy

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Last Updated: January 23, 2021

When Butterball decided they liked my last post enough to order a second helping (please expect many turkey and Thanksgiving puns from here), I was up for pretty much anything! The last time we’d danced, I wound up hanging with Team Andretti as we watched all manner of vehicle drive ludicrously fast down by Exhibition place. As a parent, husband and homeowner, it can be tough to find the time for hitting events, but when they’re cool enough, you make time.

Which is to say that a courier caught me by surprise when he arrived at my door with a 6-kilo turkey in hand!

So, context. In the nearly 8 years we’ve been together, Sarah and I have tried to cook a turkey but once, so put off by the disastrous result that we never tried again. An undercooked bird, a handful of tantrums and a hazy period of spiteful vegetarianism later, it’s a task I ignored, thinking I wouldn’t need to do it until either set of parents decided they didn’t want to host family dinners anymore*.

But a big part of holidays is family, and now with one of my own, it’d probably be for the best if I learned a thing or two about putting a holiday spread together. I mean, it’s the least I could do for the people who’ve put up with me this long, right?

Just for the record everyone…

  1. Got a new phone on Wednesday after the audio on the old one crapped out on me. The Motorola v635 is a pimp-tricked out phone. We should all take a moment to recognize its awesomeness and the amount of madness that I’ll get up to with this psychotic excuse for a phone. Mwa ha!
  2. Got a number today from this chick I’ve worked with the last two Fridays. She’s a couple of years older, but that’s a good thing on my side of things 😋 I’ll give her a shout tomorrow to see what’s up. S’all good in my hood. (When a girl goes “Byeeee Casey” and lengthens it out to prolong the moment, it’s GOTTA be a good sign. As my buddy Ram says “You a pimp, C-Daddy.” Aww yeah.)
  3. There was a promotion that I was going for back in the late summer that I was denied due to conditions at the time, but it seems that it’s been reopened, and it’s pretty much mine. I’ll be a financial rep now, doing mortgages, loans, lines of credit, that kind of stuff. I’m moving up the food chain, and I’ma put the bite on the competition. Holla to that!
  4. Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow should be good. It’ll be a bit different this time—my family, aunt, grandmother, and family friends. I think that’ll make it a lot more fun than usual.
  5. Still drawing. Cait’s still around. School’s still there. Life is going aiight though, still.

HOLLA AT ME! Or something.

Later peoples!

–case p.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

How true the old cliché is. It seems to me that the world’s just breezing by me at the speed of light while others around me grow. New jobs, new homes, new lives. It’s almost as if being here is what’s keeping me from happiness. Not that I haven’t mentioned this speculation before. Everyone I know is out there doing their own thing, carving their name on a piece of the world. And where am I? Still living with my mummy and daddy, ever stagnant in my life. Everyone and everything has changed so much. Why not with me? What have I done wrong? What am I doing wrong?

Here I go, thinking too much again. I’ve decided to educate myself in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor for the non-web developers) so that I can get my comic site running efficiently. It dawns on me, however, that until my PHP codes are where I’d like them to be, perhaps I should settle with HTML pages. Well, that was interesting, now wasn’t it?

Good weekend America, and welcome to the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. I really can’t tell you why we hold ours in October—I’m fairly sure it has little to do with your pilgrims, and we weren’t so big on the entire First Peoples (Natives) slaughtering thing, so… go look that up for yourself. I’m fairly sure the weekend will be rather boring. I’d like to see Kill Bill, but I don’t really have anyone to see it with. Which sucks. But I’ll see it eventually believe you me.

No, I think this weekend will be best spent studying and doing menial chores that really do nothing for my development as an individual. It’s possible (not probable) that I’ll produce some half-decent artwork and maybe even work on a song or two. However, I see moping around as a probable event that may come up multiple times.

Sometimes I wish a future version of me would come to visit and tell me that everything’s going to turn out fine. Because it looks bleak right now. Like I’ll end up as another yuppie child, stuck in an office job which I loathe, saving up my money to spend in my retirement and hand over to my children when I leave this earth without a trace. Will I be forced to become generic? Another stone on the walk of life?

People often say I think too much. And I agree. With that, I leave you. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada. Have a good weekend, rest of the world.

–case p.

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