What Can I Do For YOU?

A few Sundays back, Simon Guillebaud visited our church preaching the message of “radical grace”. You can listen to his sermon if you want to know more, but it breaks down to this—just how far are you willing to go to do what Jesus asked us to do and share God’s love?

The truth is that too many grow comfortable in our lives and pat ourselves on the back for doing a great job. We may tithe our 10% to the church or serve on several committees to do our part, but those pale in comparison to the sacrifice that Jesus made to save us from our sins, putting his very life on the line so that we could be free.

In the stories Simon told of his time in Burundi, one that resonated with me was the story of a woman who didn’t have a penny to her name. However, she loved the Lord’s message so much that she sold herself into a lifetime of slavery with a nearby sharecropper so she’d have the means to help others. Simon presented several scenarios where people did very counter-cultural things because of the depth of their faith, and his sermon inspired me to try something different to see how I could do my part to help everyone else.

And it all starts with asking what I can do for them.

“What Can I Do For YOU?”—A First Step in Making the World a Little Easier to Live In.