Beyond Blogging #1—The New Storytelling

You know what happens when you sit down and really take stock of the tools and resources you’ve amassed in your quest to become a better blogger? You suddenly realize you’ve been making things harder for yourself than you needed to.

2013: The Journey So Far.

Casey at 14, looking pretty pleased with himself....

To try to do 100 things in a year is an ambitious goal. Not the most novel idea ever, but ambitious! And not the not only is it more things than weeks in the year, as was pointed out to me… …but it’s one thing every 3 1/2 days. In fact, with me posting this on January 6th, you could… Continue reading 2013: The Journey So Far.

An Attack Plan on Post-its

Post-its are some of the best tools in my arsenal. I’ve seen them used to decorate the covers of folders to tell people what to do; they’re used as reminders so that people don’t forget important things that they need to do—me? I use them as a way to keep my life organized and as… Continue reading An Attack Plan on Post-its

What’s in YOUR toolbox??

Quick wins. Long-term strategy. Re-prioritization. These are words that you often hear in planning meetings where your boss is trying to figure out the 5 w’s and the h (who, what, where, why, when, how) of the next initiative coming out—but that’s not what I’m referring to right now. I’m talking about your life. In… Continue reading What’s in YOUR toolbox??

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