Consistently Inconsistent

As I hustle to consolidate my ideas in one place, I can’t help but look back on the year so far and how much I’ve accomplished in the process. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to slow things down and take some time to let things simmer, but it hasn’t been that kind of year—I’m finally… Continue reading Consistently Inconsistent

The Week That Was… September 27th – October 3rd, 2015

Pretty sure I had this idea before, but couldn’t make it stick. Putting together a quick synopsis of the week to show what I’d been up to without needing a full post for every little thing. But the last time I did it? I overthought everything, getting too lost in the details to make it effective. This… Continue reading The Week That Was… September 27th – October 3rd, 2015

The February Freeze

As I stood outside, chipping away at our icy walkway with a spade borrowed from our in-laws (because remember, our garage is still frozen shut from the ice storms), I suddenly recalled that February started with a surprise visit from my parents. Having missed out on seeing DoomzToo for the entire month of January, they came… Continue reading The February Freeze

Schadenfreude and the New TTC

Today’s #100HappyDays was a bit of a guilty one, with my amusement at the bewildered and disgruntled Torontonians riding the subway this morning, disgusted at a change to the names of our lines that made us seem “a little too much like New York”. News flash, friends—we’ve been aping New York City’s style for years,… Continue reading Schadenfreude and the New TTC

Sul Irmaos Smokehouse Hosts #BramptonTweetup

Pulled Pork and Beanasaurus Southern slow smoked pulled pork, kettle cooked baked beans, creamy slaw and fried mac and cheese bites. $8.75

Above all else, #BramptonTweetup taught me never to say never, ’cause you never know when you’ll be eating those words. Maybe Brampton gets worse a reputation than it deserves. In addition to the fact that there are all too many Torontonians who couldn’t point to Brampton on a map, people often say it’s too far,… Continue reading Sul Irmaos Smokehouse Hosts #BramptonTweetup